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They've been teasing it for a while but now we've got confirmation that The X-Files season 11 will have a 10 episode run during the 2017-2018 television season.


Gosh, I'm so conflicted about this. On one hand--yay because Duchovny and Anderson are so good together and they still have that magical IT that sustained the show when it was starting to show its age. On the other hand, season 10's 6 episode run was such a mixed bag.

The mythology episodes that bookended the season were weak. The individual episodes written by former XF standouts Jim Wong, Glen Morgan, and of course Darin Morgan were solid but not necessarily memorable, Darin Morgan's excluded. And the penultimate episode Babylon made me embarrassed to be an XF fan. It was so culturally tone deaf that I pretty much cringed the entire episode. And the 'Oh, look at these new agents that are so similar to Mulder and Scully' were just grating. And I'm not one to throw hate at television characters. The first time I was really on the internet with full time access was during season 8 when they brought in Robert Patrick as John Doggett. The hate that I encountered was strong and it increased when Monica Reyes showed up. And don't get me started on the hate that was thrown at Erica Durance when she was cast as Lois Lane in Smallville because they felt her character threatened the show's existing ships. So I'm not cool with hating on the characters because unfortunately people tend to take character hate and segue into actor hate. Perhaps they'll be better the second time around.

But enough with the negativity. Duchovny and Anderson during the entire production and lead up to the airing were positively delightful. Their flirty banter on social media and in interviews made my fangirl heart flutter. I remember being 16 years old and discovering the show for the first time and reading interviews with them and being disappointed that they were so professionally distant each other. Not necessarily disrespectful but a little chilly. Fast forward to 2015 and they're hanging all over each other and teasing each other like a bunch of kids. It was a sight to behold. To be perfectly honest the goofiness between them hasn't tapered off even though promotional obligations were done. 

And FOX really brought their promotional A game when it came to season 10. There was stuff like this and the video below. 

With 10 episodes I hope Chris Carter and his writers are able to navigate the landscape. The new mythology he's trying to weave is crap and it will likely remain so. I think we just need to accept the inevitable there and move on to the meat and potatoes of the season, the MOTW episodes. I personally would love it if they brought in two or three professional writer fans of the show and have them take a crack at Mulder and Scully. I really liked that when they did it in season 5 with Stephen King, William Gibson, and Tom Maddox. It's something to shake it up a bit. 

And, as much I would love it if Gillian went back to being a red head, I've accepted that it's not very likely. She's no longer filming The Fall in Ireland but she's mentioned in interviews that the coloring process that she already subjects her hair to has really ruined it. All I ask is that someone give her better wig. The cut, the styling, and the color were awful. 

And has anyone noticed the placement of Gillian's name in the poster. To the best of my knowledge she's never been placed first.

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