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I've signed up for the free one month preview so I can check out The Handmaid's Tale. It' s got 10 episodes so if I like it enough I'll sign up for an additional month to finish it off. Although I don't plan on keeping it past then. I already have Amazon Prime and Netflix and that's more than enough for me.

In addition to The Handmaid's Tale I also plan to checkout the first season of unReal (I heard it was good but dropped off during the second season), the original Danish version of The Bridge (the US/Mexico version was alright), The Path (hello Hugh Dancy even if he does have that awful haircut), and maybe Fargo.

I'm both happy and bummed to discover that Smallville is here. Almost all of the other WB/CW shows ended up on Netflix but sadly Smallville wasn't one of them. Now it's on Hulu exclusively so once I cancel, it's bye-bye Smallville. Yes, I have the DVDs and yes, I have several episodes on iTunes but the convenience of streaming is so nice. Plus I'm lazy.

I'm positively giddy to discover that the BBC adaptation of Daniel Deronda starring a baby Hugh Dancy is also on Hulu. And because life is about extremes, I'm also amused to discover that Savage Grace, an indie movie mostly known for being about an incestuous relationship between Julianne Moore and a very, very young Eddie Redmayne, is also available. Of course the selling point for that movie is that Hugh Dancy has a small role as Julianne Moore's lover and gets engaged in a three way scene between mother and son. Tumblr gifs of that movie have him slinking around like a boss in a very fetching white fedora.

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They've been teasing it for a while but now we've got confirmation that The X-Files season 11 will have a 10 episode run during the 2017-2018 television season.


Gosh, I'm so conflicted about this. On one hand--yay because Duchovny and Anderson are so good together and they still have that magical IT that sustained the show when it was starting to show its age. On the other hand, season 10's 6 episode run was such a mixed bag.

Thoughts a plenty ) 

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they're gonna eat us alive
by abby

category: AU, Crossover (sort of)
rating: G
author’s note: created for Prompts in Panem challenge 2012 on Tumblr (Round 2: AU Week--Other Worlds)
word count: 2274
disclaimer: they don’t belong to me, no money is being made. I’m only borrowing them. The Hunger Games was created by Suzanne Collins
story began: October 2012
story finished: October 2012

summary: Special Agent Katniss Everdeen has never been closer to discovering the reason behind her sister’s disappearance when Agent Peeta Mellark is assigned to keep an eye on her investigations into the strange and unexplained.

The photograph--an afternoon of play--shows her little sister forever frozen at eight years old. Twin blonde braids gleaming in the sun. )
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I'm a fan of IndieWire's coverage of both movies and television. I visit their site almost every day.

Imagine my surprise when in honor of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's 20th Anniversary, they decided to rank the top 24 vampire television shows. Coming in at #6 is "the great granddaddy of 'vampire solves crime' procedurals"

And yes, even with all the fancy "Peak TV" opening credits that grace television screens today, Forever Knight does indeed have a "badass opening credits sequence" Kudos to you Liz Shannon Miller for recognizing that. 

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Artist: MS MR
Vidder: abby82
Source: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
Download: Sendspace (56.58 MB, MP4), YouTube (streaming), originally posted here, AO3, Tumblr
Length: 4:14 minutes
Summary: "Good evening, Clarice."
Notes: Created for rhivolution for festivids 2013 vid exchange challenge (official pinch hit). For me, the Silence of the Lambs was a movie that seemed to always be on television. It subconsciously ingrained itself into my memory and quietly settled there. It's probably why I gravitate towards these type of movies and characters like Clarice Starling. The movie is so expertly filmed and performed. It's pretty flawless. I haven't officially participated in the exchange part of festivids since its inaugural year, but I like keeping an eye out for possible pinch hits or treats. I was initially hesitant to claim it because the task of vidding one of cinema's ultimate movie heroines was pretty intimidating. I hope I was able to do Clarice and this amazing movie justice.
Video & Lyrics )
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 photo teardropbannersm.jpg

Title: Teardrop
Artist: Jose Gonzalez
Vidder: abby82
Source: The Hunger Games (2012)
Download: Sendspace (41.9 MB, MP4), YouTube (streaming), AO3, Tumblr
Length: 3:10 minutes
Summary: Love, love is a verb/love is a doing word
Notes: Created for Prompts in Panem challenge 2013 on Tumblr (Round 3: Expressions in Everlark--Choose Your Own Adventure)

Video & Lyrics )
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Title: Hook and Line
Artist: The Kills
Vidder: abby82
Source: Superman cartoons, Fleischer Studios (1941, 1942)
Download: Sendspace (25.21 MB, WMV), YouTube (streaming)
Length: 2:10 minutes
Summary: Just another day at the office.
Notes: Created for KRIM aka [personal profile] chagrined for festivids 2010 vid exchange challenge (official pinch hit). I participated in last year's festivids challenge but I didn't sign up this year's. I checked online around the new year and scanned the 'dear festividder' letters for a possible treats prompt. KRIM's prompt stood out as one that was totally feasible and filled with fun possibilities. Then KRIM's prompts went up as a pinch hit the day vids were due and just two weeks shy of the golive date. Before I knew it, I was claiming it as my own and went from contemplating to actually doing. This vid has the fast turnaround period of any vid I've ever done. It's far from perfect but there's no denying that the source was a lot of fun to play with. The animation is stunning. There were so many clips that I'd earmarked for use in the vid that sadly didn't make it in. Oh, for a different, longer song! Clark with the fedora is sexy and I love that he isn't depicted as bumbling reporter Clark Kent. And Lois! OMG Lois! I adore her in all incarnations and Fleischer!Lois is no exception. She's ballsy, succeeding in a man's world, and all while maintaining her femininity. And Superman...oh Superman you are wonderful and good and soo mysterious. Hopefully the perfect song will some day land on my lap and I can have another go at this gorgeous source because it deserves more attention. Also, is it weird that I want to write/read Fleischer Superman fanfic because I totally do.

The original festivids post is here.
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Blu Mankuma apparently has a Facebook, and he gave a big honkin' Smallville spoiler on it. For some strange reason I find the fact that he has a Facebook so odd. I personally don't have a Facebook account so I can't see the page for myself but if anyone is interested in taking a's there.

Blu will be guesting in next Friday's episode (April 23rd) of Smallville as DC character Franklin Stern, a role that was played by James Earl Jones in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Kryptonsite, a popular Smallville site that broke the news even used a screenshot of Blu as Captain Reese in Forever Knight.
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I just wanted to drop in quickly and mention that I am in fact alive. A huge hole has not opened up beneath me and swallowed me up.

Unfortunately, my brother has rediscovered his affinity for Everquest. That means my computer is pretty much always occupied by someone other than me.

In the meantime, a random viewing of Gilmore Girls on SoapNet has prompted me to crack open the complete series DVD set that was residing on my DVD shelf. I started with seasons 5-7 than skipped back to season 4, then 3. I finished season 1 yesterday and I'll probably get in an episode or two of season 2 tonight. 

Why not start with season 1 and then work my way through 7, some of you may wonder? Well, I've always been quite fond of Luke and Lorelai and they really don't get into full swing until the later half of the series. Now I'm completely and insanely shipping them. Fic must be sought out but not now.  My [ profile] fkficfest  prompt of choice has been bouncing around in my head, and I've got a recipient I definitely don't want to disappoint.
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After three seasons, the CBC drama The Border has been cancelled.

Ramblings on the series and actors )


Smallville has been renewed for a 10th season. Yep, that's right, a decade of Smallville. It will now surpass Stargate: SG-1 as the longest running sci-fi show in North America. I'm excited but that's shear craziness.


It appears that 24 will be ending its run after eight seasons.

It isn't official )
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"Durham County is very, very creepy and unsettling, and entirely addictive" --New York Times

Deep Discount continues their stellar DVD deals with Durham County, season 1 for $11.98. Although unlike the Forever Knight deal, this one is only for today.

At that price, it makes a great blind buy for anyone who hasn't seen the series.

"It’s pretty tough moving into a new town, raising a family and working on a police case involving a serial killer…especially when the prime suspect lives right across the street from you. You know what they say about buying a new house: location, location, location. It turns out that Det. Mike Sweeney was never cut out to be a realtor. And if he’s not careful, his family might be cut out of his life forever.

“Durham County” is a gripping crime drama that is so tightly written and well performed that you can’t just watch one episode at a time. It is anything but a straight-forward police drama. The plot twists and turns are as sharp as the edge of a knife."

If you like shows like Damages, The Wire or Homicide: Life on the Streets, I think you'll Durham County.

Oh, and one thing I found amusing about the show was that a character was named Natalie LaCroix. I seem to recall a Forever Knight fanfic that had a gotcha ending of Natalie and LaCroix married.
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My desktop is acting funky, so I've decided to back up my files. The Internet is also down on it so I'm posting from my netbook.

Smallvillle:  Absolute Justice, which was penned by comic great Geoff Johns and features the Justice Society of America will air tonight as a 2 hour movie.

Michael Shanks from Stargate guests as Hawk Man.

CW is hoping for a big event night, and hopefully stellar rating will help cement a season 10 for Smallville. Martian Manhunter (Phil Morris) as makes a return to the series after being MIA for a while. On the Justice Society of America side, look for Hawk Man, Dr. Fate, Stargirl and references to many other Society members.

Amanda Waller (Pam Grier) will make her first of several appearances.

Awesome Canadian trailer )
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All three seasons of Forever Knight can currently be found at Deep Discount for $11.98. Shipping is free.

Now there's no excuse not to own the sets.

Actually, now there's no excuse not to own an extra set (or all of them) to have handy for special fandom emergencies like say  brainwashing influencing potential new fans.

Remember when the sets had a SRP of $80?

snagged from [ profile] sol_se 
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The only vid I made last year that didn't involve Forever Knight was for [ profile] festivids . I made The Neverending Story vid "Le Disko" for boom_queen. You can find my vid announcement here.

I had it as a private post that is now public. It doesn't seem to be popping up on my f-list. It might have something to do with my recent LJ problems.

The vid made for me "Cemeteries of London" was made by giandujakiss. I had my suspicions namely because she did a wonderful Janette vid a few years back called "Not an Addict" that I completely fell in love with (and inspired me to try my hand at vidding).

ETA: giandujakiss has made her post for "Cemeteries of London" public here. She offers a big and shiny version of the vid for download as well as a more modestly sized one. Also, available are streams on vimeo (which caused problems for some) and an additional one for BAM.
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Title: Le Disko
Artist: Shiny Toy Guns
Vidder: abby82
Source: The Neverending Story (1984)
Download: Sendspace (19 MB, WMV), YouTube (streaming)
Length: 3:12 minutes
Summary: Super sonic overdrive...Fantasia style!
Notes: Created for boom_queen for the inaugural [ profile] festivids  vidding challenge. Her prompt requested "anything full of fun, fantasy shiny-ness please". How could I resist a prompt like that! I actually started editing down a different song for this vid but on a trip out of town I couldn't find my ipod so I opted for the first CD within reaching distance--my played only once CD from Shiny Toy Guns. The rest, as they say, is history. The jump cutting, which was referenced by a few people, happened quite by accident. I was unimpressed with a rough first draft and I tried it on a lark. "Happy, fun vid full of shiny" I kept telling myself and it worked!

The original festivids post is here.
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[ profile] festivids  reveals will be later today. I'm on pins and needles to find out who did several of my favorite vids from the challenge but especially my gift, the spectacularly awesome Forever Knight vid "Cemeteries of London". I've got two guesses on the vidder and in a few hours I'll find whether or not I was correct or way off.

I know that there were several people on my f-list who were unable to see the vid, but I'm sure download links should remedy the problem. :-)

The vid I created is currently in a locked post and it'll go live as soon as the moderators for the comm finish updating the 2009 Festivid Master List. This is the link to watch for all those curious.

Lately, LJ has been eating my posts and throwing them up half complete. It also ate several unfinished posts that I had saved, so a listing of my favorites from the challenge will go up eventually. Hopefully my 2009 Fanfiction Meme will go up before the end of today. It's one of the posts that disappeared into the LJ ether (twice), so it won't be as detailed as my first attempts.

I'm finishing up my second month of reccing Forever Knight fic on [ profile] crack_van . It's a funny coincidence that I ended up doing two months in a row. I requested the opportunity to do FK recs back in the summer and when I saw that December was Small Fandom Month, I figured it would be a nice way to bump my request to the front of the line. Apparently, it didn't negate my original request to be one of the monthly featured fandoms and my request made it to the top of the list for January. Sadly, I only posted sporadically during the month but I want the fandom to have a healthy number of recs for any potential newbies. I pretty much spammed the comm last night and I'd like to get in five more before midnight.

Now that Forever Knight has been introduced to [ profile] crack_van  I hope other fans will consider throwing in some of their favorites. I've personally used the comm when sniffing around new fandoms and their fic and [ profile] crack_van  is highly regarded around fandom in general.

Tomorrow, February 1st is the deadline for porn battle. gnosticdiva has contributed three Forever Knight ficlets (two of which were based on my prompts. She has kindly compiled a post with links to all her contributions. The challenge ends tomorrow at 9PM UK time so that'll put the end at 3PM central standard time for me. I've got my own contribution to play with but time is an issue. Thankfully, it's short and relatively painless.

[ profile] halfamoon  starts tomorrow and runs for two weeks. I'll be leaving some Forever Knight prompts soon but there is no need to follow any of them. As long as you celebrate the awesomeness of women in fandom, it's fair game.

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I'm going to try this again but much shorter this time around. It serves me right for not finishing the meme and posting at the end of the year.

Vids I made this year


Burn [Forever Knight, Divia, LaCroix]
La familia [Forever Knight, LaCroix, Nick, Janette]


Vampire [Forever Knight, Nick Knight, vampire thoughout series]
Nick Knight 20th anniversary vid [Nick Knight TV movie]


Total vids: Four vids in oneish fandoms

2009 Vidding Meme )

2008 Vidding Meme
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LJ really hates me. I had my 2009 vidding and fic meme saved as drafts and after posting them, LJ ate them. And they were longish too. That seriously annoys.
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Porn Battle IX (Dressed to the Nines) is open for business. Prompts are available here and posting can be done here. The event runs from January 25th to January 29th Monday, February 1st.


It's once again almost time for [ profile] halfamoon .

"Half a Moon is a fourteen day challenge celebrating female characters in fandom, which will run from February 1 through Valentine's Day. Fanfiction, vids, recs, art, picspam, icons, meta, fanmixes, and outside links to content fitting the theme of this community are all welcome--the only rule is that the primary focus must be on a female character or characters."

Last year I created this Natalie Lambert picspam and it's great fun to pop in throughout the week to see what's been produced. To help spark the creative juices [ profile] halfamoon  is also hosting an Impromptuthon. Members are asked to "post prompts for artwork, comics, icons, fanmixes, fiction, meta, picspams, vids, or anything else they desire in the comments of this post, and interested people can provide them in the comm starting February 1."

There are already so many interesting prompts, it's going to be difficult to determine which ones to consider doing. Prompts can be found here.

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