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According to the Toronto Star Nigel has been offered one of the leads in the Toronto staging of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. as Bernadette. Terence Stamp played the role in the movie version. How utterly fantastic is that! I remember reading somewhere a while back about him auditioning but for the life of me I can't remember where.

But Priscilla Queen of the Desert is still in the mix and supposedly offers have been made for the leading roles. The Toronto Star has learned that two of them might very well be going to Nova Scotia-based actor Nigel Bennett (best known for his work on Forever Knight) in the role first created by Terence Stamp, and to Peter Deiwick (veteran of numerous Mirvish shows from Mamma Mia! through We Will Rock You) in the part originally played by Guy Pearce.

The musical was a big hit in Australia back in 2006 and the show's director will be on hand for the North American premiere in Toronto. It's set to open this Fall.

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I meant to post this earlier but the season finale of 24 was on tonight. (It was awesome by the way). I posted it earlier on forkni-l and fkfic-l too. Oops.

iFMagazine did an interview with Jon Cassar about the finale of 24 and the interviewer was kind enough to mention his involvement with Forever Knight. He mentions his friendship with Ger, who appeared as a baddie in the first half of 24's season 5. Apparently the plan was to bring in Nigel Bennett at one point but he didnt' have his U.S. work visa. First Gillian Anderson was approached for a role and now Nigel. Oh will the close calls never cease. Jon would love to see Nigel in a future season. Somebody make it so. Unfortunately, however, Jon will not be a part of 24 next season.

The full interview can be found here.

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Both The Border and Murdoch Mysteries came out pretty well in the nominations department for the 23rd Annual Geminis, the highest honor in Canadian television.

The Border received 9, including Best Dramatic Series, Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, and Supporting Actress for Catherine Disher. That last one of course makes me very happy. I'm such a fan of Catherine Disher and I believe this will be her 5th nomination. She was nominated twice for her work as Natalie on Forever Knight, she won in 2004 for Snakes & Ladders and her first nomination was for her ultra adorable and hilarious turn in the TV movie Grand Larceny as a ditzy showgirl. If you haven't seen it you should track it down immediately.

Ben Bass who played Vachon on the final season of Forever Knight also scored a nomination for his work in the mini-series Would Be Kings as Best Lead Actor. I've heard lots of great things about this but I've yet to get my hands on it. This certainly is an incentive.

Murdoch Mysteries made out like gang busters with 14 nominations. They're well deserved. It's a highly enjoyable and unique show. Although I was disappointed that Geraint Wyn Davies didn't get any recognition for his role in either one of his two guest performances as Arthur Conan Doyle. GWD really makes me happy. Phooey!

It also would have been nice to have Ger and Catherine together in the same auditorium. They presented together back in 1993. [profile] kristin1228 has screengrabs up at KnightVision here.

Nigel Bennett didn't get a nomination either for his supporting work in The Border but for me it's not completely unexpected. At times his character is too much of a one dimensional bad guy and he really hasn't been given anything to work with. Hopefully during the upcoming second season this'll change.

All this reminds me how behind I am in screengrabbing The Border. At least the Maggie and Mannering scenes. I've meant to and I keep getting sidetracked. Bad me!

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that Erica Durance also received a nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series for I Me Wed.
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A while back I posted a few screengrabs of Geraint Wyn Davies in Murdoch Mysteries and I mentioned to [personal profile] shenandora that I had a few Nigel Bennett screengrabs that weren't from The Border, which I've also been posting from. I've always enjoyed recording the TV and movie appearances my favorite actors, especially their early stuff. In the case of the Forever Knight actors it's sometimes a bit hard but the quest is half the fun. A fellow fan provided me a slew of tapes, most of which were of Nigel Bennett. One of the tapes was a 1989 movie called "The Jeweller's Shop" in which he played a ballet choreographer. The movie itself was ok and while Nigel's role was rather small it did have an interesting cast. The cast included Olivia Hussey who starred as Juliet in Franco Zeffrelli's Romeo and Juliet, legendary Hollywood actor Burt Lancaster, actor Ben Cross who once played Barnabas Collins in the remake of Dark Shadows, and Melora Hardin who is now known from The Office but I know her from her integral role in a Quantum Leap three parter. She once guested in an episode of Lois & Clark  as Lois' old college roommate and ever since then I've thought that she'd be perfect to play Lois' mother in flashback in Smallville. She's also the daughter of Jerry Hardin who played Mulder's first informant Deep Throat in The X-Files.

But anyway on to the Nigel Bennett screengrabs.

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There are not enough hours in the day to do what I want in real life let alone in my fannish world.

I'm reading a favorite XF novel lengthed fic "Blinded by White Light" by DashaK that's been recovered from the hard drive of my long dead laptop on one window, I'm clipping a few Schanke moments for my first ever fanvid on Premiere Elements, and I'm bouncing around livejournals on another window. That's when I came across a tutorial by [personal profile] brokenmnemonic    on how to cap using VirtualDubMod, the program I downloaded to convert vob (the files from my dvds) into avi and then make a few clips. So what does that mean? I can cap The Border, Ger's episode of The Murdoch Mysteries, and Ger's appearances on ReGenesis!

Mulder, Scully, and Schanke are suddenly feeling very neglected.

More caps will probably come soon but here's a few of Catherine Disher and Nigel Bennett from the first episode "Pockets of Vulnerability", Catherine Disher and Gary Farmer in the second episode "Grey Zone", and Catherine Disher in the eighth episode "Enemy Contact".

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So the CBC up in Canada is starting their midseason slew of show soon and one of them features the return of Catherine Disher back to tv. At first glance The Border looks like a 24 knockoff or at the very least like another one of those shows the premiered after 24 took off like The Agency. 13 episodes have already been shot to complete their first season. Ratings will tell whether or not they get a second. The trailer sure does give off that vibe but in reading some of the comments by one of the writers it might have a 24 look and be paced just like the Kiefer Sutherland adrenaline rush it will also deal with issues beyond those of 24's.

So I was checking out the official website to see if anymore goodies had been added and I wasn't  disappointed. Catherine Disher has been added to the flash intro featuring the main characters which is full of awesomeness but that wasn't the only surprise. Nigel Bennett (who I thought was only going to be making guest appearances) has been added as well. What has totally made my day is that both of their images are right next to each other.

It also looks like the CBC is going to making the episodes available online so those of us outside of Canada will be able to watch. That makes me very happy indeed. I'm very excited for this. I can't wait. Hopefully Nigel and Catherine will have scenes together. Their scenes together in Forever Knight were so few but the handful of times they were together they were very powerful. Given the different agencies their characters work for and the different mentalities they have any scenes if any will be filled with animosity. Bring it on!

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Hot diggity dog! Pictures have surfaced of Catherine Disher's newest CBC TV series The Border. Why was I not informed on this before now?


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