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Porn Battle IX (Dressed to the Nines) is open for business. Prompts are available here and posting can be done here. The event runs from January 25th to January 29th Monday, February 1st.


It's once again almost time for [ profile] halfamoon .

"Half a Moon is a fourteen day challenge celebrating female characters in fandom, which will run from February 1 through Valentine's Day. Fanfiction, vids, recs, art, picspam, icons, meta, fanmixes, and outside links to content fitting the theme of this community are all welcome--the only rule is that the primary focus must be on a female character or characters."

Last year I created this Natalie Lambert picspam and it's great fun to pop in throughout the week to see what's been produced. To help spark the creative juices [ profile] halfamoon  is also hosting an Impromptuthon. Members are asked to "post prompts for artwork, comics, icons, fanmixes, fiction, meta, picspams, vids, or anything else they desire in the comments of this post, and interested people can provide them in the comm starting February 1."

There are already so many interesting prompts, it's going to be difficult to determine which ones to consider doing. Prompts can be found here.
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Prompts for [ profile] oxoniensis ' multifandom Porn Battle IX (Dressed to Nines) are now being excepted here until Friday.

I've quickly scanned the 350 comments currently there and there are a wide variety of fandoms represented. No Forever Knight just yet but there are some promising Smallville (Lois/Tess & Lois/Clark) and X-Files prompts out there.

I'll probably throw some prompts in there, especially for Forever Knight, so that it's represented, but it's worth a looksy from other people in the fandom.

I've played three times before and it's certainly an interesting way to stretch a rarely used writing muscle. I've learned that there's no need to be overly explicit. Some of my favorites from previous challenges have taken a more subtle approach to the prompts.

Submissions ideally should fit in the comments. On dreamwidth, the maximum word count is 16,000 characters, approximately 2,750 words.but links to longer pieces are welcomed.

Frequently Asked Questions are here.
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Dear Festvidder:

You are awesome. No really, you are awesome. Thank you for signing up to do this. I love my fandoms and to think that there's someone out there who enjoys one, two or all of them and is capable of vidding them fills me with so much joy. I'm very easy to please and simple things make me happy.. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles so please don't stress out on my account. Have fun. Heck, if you wanted to slap together some clips over some music and call it a day I'd be happy with that too. My suggestions are not set in stone. They are merely guidelines. Go where ever the muse takes you, even if it's the complete opposite of what I suggest. Again, I don't want you to stress out.

Here be fandoms )
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Drove back from Austin last night. High temperature records were shattered the four days I was there and my workshop was in a poorly air-conditioned room. We were packed in there like sardines but it was highly informative. Although, I was dangerously close to Information overload, lol.

I got a hair cut while there and I reworked portions of my Tracy fic (Thanks [ profile] brightknightie!) so I did manage to be somewhat productive in between my sessions and hanging out in the city.

However, it looks like I'm hitting the road once more later this week. Dad asked if I'd be interested in sharing driving duties with him on a road trip through west Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. It's going to be a week-long family thing with two of my uncles and their families. I've never taken vacation time at work so why not. Although, now I have to rethink whether or not I'll be attending my college roommate's wedding in Mexico later this summer. I don't know if I want to take two weeks off of work, even if they are two months apart.

Oh! I received my [ profile] cliche_bingo  card and several of my guilty pleasures are in strategic places. Yay!

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I'm taking off to Austin tomorrow at noon for a workshop. Back on Saturday.

The [ profile] gen_ficathon has a deadline of Thursday, June 25th at midnight CST. It's a multifandom gen ficathon exchange. Among the official fandoms are Smallville, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Forever Knight, Buffy, Doctor Who, Merlin and Stargate: Atlantis. Requests aren't screened so take a look and see if anything strikes your fancy.

I've signed up with prompts for Forever Knight, Smallville, The X-Files, and Masters of the Universe.

Also, I've signed up for a card at [ profile] cliche_bingo. I didn't really look before I leaped, so at the very least it'll be interesting.
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Porn Battle is among us again. I participated last January namely because someone contributed a handful of Forever Knight prompts. I contributed What Would Happen a Smallville/Forever Knight crossover with Clark and Natalie. Unfortunately "Flight of the Imagination" wasn't complete in time but the Nick/Nat fic can be found here.

I really don't plan to contribute any prompts or write anything but the end results are always fun. However if any FK het prompts show up I may be tempted. [ profile] oxoniensis  is taking prompts here until noon central standard time on Saturday.

OK it didn't quite turn out that way. I posted a few prompts before deadline here.

And then there's [ profile] halfamoon , which will be hosting a challenge from February 1-14

Half a Moon is a fourteen day challenge celebrating female characters in fandom. Fanfiction, vids, recs, art, picspam, icons, meta, fanmixes, and outside links to content fitting the theme of this community are all welcome--the only rule is that the primary focus must be on a female character or characters.

I've poked around a bit and I really like what I see so I think I'm gonna play. Now all I gotta do is some brainstorming. Hmmm....X-Files, Forever Knight, She-Ra, Smallville. So many awesome women to choose from.
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The Rainbow Connection
Artist: Sarah McLachlan
Vidder: abby82
Fandom: The X-Files
YouTube and Sendspace (38 MB, WMV), blip (streaming)
Notes: Created for [ profile] juniperphoenix for The Fall Fandom Free-For-All. Her prompt requested Sarah McLachlan's cover of "The Rainbow Connection" to the UFO/abduction/Samantha theme of The X-Files. I was intrigued by the lullaby nature of the song and its juxtaposition to the imagery of the show's Samantha abduction arc.

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