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First things, first. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone (in an unlocked post) who reached out and gave me words of encouragement during my recent health scare. Posting online and communicating about it with others was something I desperately needed. In real life I kind of wanted to keep it quiet so I didn't have an emotional outlet. I'm sorry for the lack of posts and responses lately. My absence was due to a nasty cold I had last week and it had nothing to do with the scary but now not so scary health issue. :-)

So...fannish stuff.

Do you like Yuletide? I do and sign ups are now open. You have till November 12th.
Do you like vids? I do.
Do you like small fandoms. I do.

What happens when you throw all three into a fannish pot and stir briskly? [ profile] festivids pops out. It's a fannish vid exchange inspired by Yuletide for small and rarely vidded fandoms.

Today is the last day to nominate a fandom and in going over the nominations list, there is plenty to be excited about.

Samples on the movie front: American Psycho, Brief Encounter, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Clueless, Collateral, Cry Baby, Edward Scissorhands, Gattaca, Heathers, Invasion of the Body Snatcher (1956), Legend, Mulan, Se7en

Samples on the TV front: Being Human, Birds of Prey, Clarissa, Dark Shadows (1991), Deadwood, Defying Gravity, Earth 2, Forever Knight, Friday Night Lights, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Highlander: The Raven, La Femme Nikita, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, The Lone Gunmen, Millennium, Miracles, New Amsterdam, Northern Exposure, Nowhere Man, Popular, Quantum Leap, Roswell, Six Feet Under, Slings & Arrows, The Wire

I'm leaning towards participating in this. I did a vid for someone and it was such a positive experience. Of course it helped that a specific song was requested as well as the theme, so if the vid requests provide me with that much direction then I think I can do this.

My own list of fandom nominations are as follows:

Being Erica (awesome Canadian show)
Being Human
Blood Ties (I've never seen a vid for this)
Dark Shadows (1991) (because a vid has the potential to be awesome)
Deadwood (I've only seen one vid for this and it's beautiful)
Durham County (another awesome Canadian show)
Friday Night Lights
Homicide: Life on the Streets (I've only seen one vid and it's fantastic)
MacGyver (because a vid for this would be awesome)
Millennium (I've never seen a vid for this)
Murdoch Mysteries (and yet another Canadian show)
New Amsterdam (because I want a vid)
Quantum Leap (I've only seen one vid and it's fantastic
And of course....wait for it....Forever Knight!

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In no particular order because Smallville starts NOW. Squeeeeeeee!

1. Lois Lane. I heart Lois so much. When the show goes down to levels of suck I can always count on Lois to be its saving grace.

2.Clark Kent and his journey to become Superman. At its core, Smallville is the story of Clark Kent. Even though at times it's been two steps forward and three steps back, the entire series has been a joy simply for the opportunity of watching Clark grow into the man who will be Superman.

3. Clois. Season 8 showed us Lois falling for Clark. There were moments I wasn't exactly ecstatic about the way they were doing it but I hung in there. Now it's time to see Clark's side of the equation.

4. Because it's another season where Lois can don the undercover gear. What will she wear next? If I ever find a song I'd totally vid this.

5. Tom Welling and Erica Durance. They've been bringing it for years now but season 8 was so much fun because you could tell how much they were enjoying the material they were being given. After nine years for Tom and six for Erica, I'm happy they get to stretching their acting chops.

6. Tess Mercer. Who would have known that someone could admirably fill in the shoes of Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor. Cassidy Freeman is way awesome. She's a wonderful addition to the show.

7. Smallville is upping the ante. If spoilers are any indication then this season is full speed ahead and there will be little slowing down. No more stalling Clark because producers are unsure of network politics.

8. Clark is actively using the House of El symbol. We've seen it in various incarnations but now the Superman 'S' is on Clark's chest by his own choosing.

9. Nine seasons! That ties X-Files' nine seasons. Smallville is the longest running Superman related show ever and it's going to be a good long while before this record gets shattered.

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Now I know how I'm going to spend my Labor Day.

That's right folks, Forever Knight is returning to television. Chiller TV will run an all day marathon of the first 15 episodes this Labor Day.

Season 1 squee! There's so much to look forward to, even though technically I already own the DVDs.

There's a certain something that I get by watching the show live with commercials thrown in. And I adore season 1. Nick has that crazy black shirt with the white stripes. Yep, the same one the promo department thought was snazzy enough to preserve for posterity in publicity promos. Schanke had Elvis sideburns. Natalie's lipstick would match her fushia suits. LaCroix had Billy Idol hair. And hey, "Fan Kill"! Nick and LaCroix as leather wearing rock stars. "It's time to rock!"

So when's the last time we got a series marathon anyway?. I remember the Sci-Fi Channel Valentine's Day marathon that Ger hosted back in the late 90s. And then there were the Sci-Fi Channel Chain Reaction marathons they'd air around 2004.

It doesn't look like FK is joining the lineup just yet but I think it's safe to say it's definitely in the series' future. Now if only they'd give some on air promotion.

So who else is watching? You know you want to.

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A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost share a flat. So says the premise of the BBC's Being Human. Part of me was, "Geez, another show with a vampire," and the other was, "Yay, another show with a vampire."

The first episode aired on BBC America last weekend and I think I can safely say that I'm really, really going to enjoy this. There's cuteness aplenty. I can't decide which character fills me with more happiness. I alternate between... )
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Being Erica continues to be cuddly cute and whimsical so I'm taking the latest addition to my icons for a spin. Aaaand I'm reccing this absolutely delightful picspam entitled, 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Being Erica by [ profile] hobbitofkobol . I came across it via a post by [ profile] serrico  and I'm glad I did.

The season 1 finale aired last night in Canada. If you live in the states you can find Being Erica on SOAPnet on Thursday evening. Two episodes reair on Sunday night, which is normally when I watch. I'm fighting the temptation to download the remaining episodes.

Oh! And how could I not love a show that in a single episode adds further evidence to the theory that Toronto is the vampire capital of the world. OK so they're LARP vampires but that's just splitting hairs. And hey The Border's Jonas Chernick. So, um, is it too much to ask for my favorite Toronto based actors to drop in? Please. Hey, if I keep hoping eventually one of them has got to pop up somewhere.
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Sometimes good things happen to good shows and it looks like Friday Night Lights is one of them. According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC and DirecTV have agreed to continue their partnership in producing the show for two more 13 episode long seasons. The two seasons will shoot back to back. Certain cast members won't be back but producers hope to do send off arcs like they did during season 3.

I think this really one of the best ways to handle this. FNL has got to be one of the most consistently well written and well acted shows I have ever seen. Yes, they did have that rather ridiculous arc during season 2 but heck even that was carried out with more care then most other shows would have done.

Had the series ended with season 3 I would have been content. Yes, many of the characters were starting out new phases of their lives and I would have regretted not being able to see those new phases explored, but I was grateful for the episodes I did get. Many shows don't make it out of their first season and for some reason I tend to get into show that only last 3 seasons. However, with this renewal comes the opportunity to see where my favorite characters are headed as well as what new characters I'll be introduced to. I have no doubt that next two years will be phenomenal.

Now, I've recced the two following FNL vids before. They both premiered at VividCon 2008 but I can't help but rec them again. If you're at all curious about checking out FNL give these two vids a try. I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

Let the Sun Fall Down by [ profile] chasarumba  and New Slang by [ profile] obsessive24 

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Feeling a bit icky this morning so I called in sick. However now I'm feeling better (medicine finally kicked in) so I'll be heading in after lunch.

24 was all kinds of awesome last night, especially the second hour. It's been a great season but last night really upped the stakes. Can't wait for the next episode.

"Infamous" still were finally released and they are gorgeous. They're up at K-site. This one is my favorite. I'm so getting an icon once the episode passes. I don't want in inadvertedly spoil someone. The sunlight streaming in behind Clark is amazing.
Cut for spoilerly SV pic )

Drive by vid rec for [ profile] kiki_miserychic's SGA vid Fiddle and the Drum. Stunning doesn't even begin to describe it..the song selection, the editing, the clips used. I don't even watch SGA but this vid is just so captivating that I want to know more. It's a John Shepherd character vid. Breathtaking.

So after watching that vid I'm even more tempted to set my Nick/Nat vid aside yet again in favor of a Nick vid. Not the Moby song vid but perhaps Johnny Cash or even the Mirah song but I won't. After the intenseness of Burn I need happiness and fun and that's Nick/Nat not Nick contemplating his "beast" or all the people he lost. That's a major downer.

Therefore I'm spending the rest of my morning clipping season 2 Nick/Nat cuteness. Then it's off to work.
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The Border , which costars Catherine Disher and features Nigel Bennett as a recurring character, is coming to the U.S.

ION, a satellite and cable channel, has acquired the rights to air the series later in season 9. They were on my "no fun" list because they yanked Quantum Leap reruns just months after I found them there and this goes far at winning me back.

If you have DirectTV or Comcast then you should have ION.

This is fantastic news. Yes I have some very shiny DVDs in my possession but this is awesome for those who wanted to wanted and had to either wait or resort to other needs. ::cough:: like I sometime do.

Press Release is here. I was slightly annoyed that they mentioned Catherine Disher in relation to X-Men and not Forever Knight. hmph


In other news, Smallville just got a season 9 pick up. Season 9! There's no mention of Tom Welling signing and while one would assume that there would be no Smallville without Clark you never know with the CW monkeys. The man deserves a producer title. There are no ifs or buts about it. And lastly, if Erica Durance does not receive a full season increase in episodes there will be hell to pay. She's been a 13 episodes per season gal since she started back in season 4. In what is sure to be the final season they simply cannot have Lois Lane and do her character justice with only half the amount of episodes.

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It's hard for me to put into words how perfect I feel this show is. It is so strong on multiple levels, from the storytelling, to the acting, to the "set" dressing. Every aspect of this show leaves me speechless. The season 3 finale (or will it be the series finale?) left the people of Dillon, Texas in a wonderful place. There were moments of happiness mixed in with moments of uncertainty for our characters but it felt right. And should  NBC and DirecTV decide to grace us with a fourth season I am eager to see where the town of Dillon and Coach Taylor will be.

However the abysmal promotion NBC is running leaves me disappointed. I realize that of the four major networks NBC is in the cellar ratings wise but the way they are selling the show isn't very inspired. It's very Hallmark and feel good rather than the striking campaign DirectTV launched. If you ask me they should reuse some of that stuff. Now that may not be feasible but even the black and white still photographs of the cast that played during commercials before season 3 even began shooting was effective in its simplicity. Oh well, I just don't see NBC's strategy attracting many eyeballs, especially on a Friday night.

Spoilery highlights )
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I spent the day with the TV set to the Highlander: The Series marathon. Early season 1 episodes it seemed. The reporter girl was still a sorta regular. Wow! I hadn't seen that show since the final episode aired way back yonder. It was a nice step down memory lane but boy those fashions. Ritchie's jacket had long, suede fringe for goodness sakes. Ah good times.

Highlander: The Source is still airing but I switched it off. I'm recording the rest of it for when I'm bored. I don't know how the Highlander fandom received that movie but from what I did see it can't be good. The characters looked familiar (the actors themselves are still believable as immortals) but I didn't recognize the world they were living in. And sure the movie looked stylish but it didn't strike me as looking very Highlanderish, whatever that means.

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Over the weekend I came across The Fandom Free For All that is being organized by [ profile] oxoniensis  and [ profile] pheebs1 . The concept behind it is brilliant. You post a wish list of any type of fanwork for yourself and in return you offer to create something off of someone else's list.

I don't know if I'm going to post anything but while perusing the list I came across a request by [ profile] juniperphoenix  that caught my eye. She's asking for an X-Files fanvid that is focused on the UFO/abduction/Samantha theme and set to the tune of Sarah McLachlan's cover of "The Rainbow Connection". It's an interesting song choice and after hearing that particular rendition of it I'm struck by how perfect it is for the subject matter. It's very much a lullaby and the idea of using it juxtaposed with the imagery of the Samantha abduction arc is extremely tempting.

Over 9 seasons X-Files has had some unforgettable imagery but the thought of vidding it is daunting. The furthest I've ever gotten is setting aside a song that I feel is perfect for the Mulder and Scully dynamic. However that being said, [ profile] juniperphoenix 's request seems like a great opportunity to give it a shot. Footage wise the Samantha arc is quite manageable. So manageable that I was able to rip and clip the series' Samantha scenes and some additional UFO/aliens stuff in one evening. Through it all I keep coming back to the flashback scene from "The Blessing Way" that showed the aliens in the box car being gassed to death and the flashback scene from "One Son" in which the Syndicate present a folded U.S. flag to an envoy of grays. Those scenes are visually stunning.

I haven't officially spoken up regarding my intentions to vid the request but it's something that I'll have on reserve. The deadline isn't till October 29th and I've got another fannish deadline looming that takes priority. Besides, I've only got a very loose concept for the vid. Until then I continue to play the song in a continuous loop to get the creative juices flowing.

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I just saw XF2 again for the 3rd time. However this time I wasn't alone. I dragged/bribed my brother along and despite the bribery he goodnaturedly went along. There was one other guy there and but he left just as Mulder and Scully kissed. The nerve of some people. ;-) My brother couldn't help but laugh at that although one of the theater staff guys came in and sat through the final scene. I off course stayed for the awesome credits and coda but my brother didn't care to. By that time theater guy was joined by 3 buddies who all wanted to know whether I enjoyed the movie. I sure hope it was just politeness and not them recognizing me from my two viewings last week.

The verdict from by brother who on occasion would watch an episode with me but who wouldn't consider himself even a casual fan was that it fulfilled his expectations. He expected something akin to an episode of the series and in his opinion that's what he got. No more, no less.

It's definitely true that the movie gets better with repeated viewings.

Box office update: After 10 days of release IWTB has grossed $17 million domestically and Daily Variety is reporting foreign receipts of $22 million. That makes a worldwide total of $39 million.

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1. I plan on seeing XF: IWTB again on Sunday. This will be my third viewing and more than likely my last. I've resorted to bribery so that this time I won't be sitting alone and because I'm dreading an empty theater. My brother is going with me and he is being showered with copious amounts of food (his metabolism is so high it's practically an X-File) and I've agreed to watch several episodes of Bleach. It's probably pushing it to think that I can get a second weekend from him.

2. As of Thursday, July 31 XF: IWTB has made $13,635,495 domestically.  It had a budget of $29 mil. My hope is that it'll clear $20 mil domestically before it finishes its run.

3. Salon has a squee worthy Scully love article.

"Today's television is not without its Scullys -- "Law & Order" ladies who crack skulls and chase bad guys in Jimmy Choos. But they all feel like tall, skinny, limp knockoffs of the original. Dana Scully was not standard television beautiful, but a diminutive pre-Raphaelite, pale of skin and red of hair, who could give equal amounts of soul to lines like "Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, just in contradiction to what we know of it" and "Well, seeing as how it's Friday, I was thinking I could get some work done on that monograph I'm writing for the penology review: 'Diminished Acetylcholine Production in Recidivist Offenders.'" A woman who, when asked by her pestering partner to examine a cadaver's head just one more time for a set of horns, can snap on her gloves and mutter "Whatever" like she really means it."

The "diminished acetylcholine" quote has long been one of my favorites. "So Scully any big plans?" Oh Scully! ::hugs::

"In an entertainment world where women are disappearing from multiplexes, where men bulk up as superheroes while women don't eat but sip pink drinks, we need to remember that there was once a very short heroine who hunted monsters and talked about Einstein, who kicked ass and questioned her faith, who went to work with a man she loved but didn't rip his shirt off over lunch, who didn't want to believe, but opened herself nonetheless to possibility. We need Scully back, even for a moment."

4. Post IWTB fic has been making several appearances and may I say that they are nothing short of beautiful. It's almost enough to make me want to save the fic to my hard drive like I used to in years gone by. To make a folder for it alongside my post col, AU, and post fill-in-the-blank fic.  I love them all! They're mostly short but they pack quite a visceral punch. The numbers aren't quite post-"The Truth" numbers but right now it's quality not quantity. I can't wait for the first longish IWTB fic to hit the net. I'm also preparing a post with some recs.

5. I received in the mail today my XF:IWTB official novelization and the soundtrack. XF has been consuming my every fannish thought right now so this is just fuel to the fire.

6. Maybe I missed this in the IWTB interview onslaught but according to this interview Gillian Anderson was apparently offered a role in last year's season of 24.

"Last year I was asked to do a season on '24,' and I considered it. I didn't know the series, but I thought it might be fun to do something that's highly respected. Logistically it didn't work out, but it was the first time I considered something, and I might again, but not something that's going to take a few years out of my life."

How incredibly awesome would that have been. I doubt the offer was for the incredibly awesome season 5 but rather for the ho hum season 6 but that would have rocked. If there's anything IWTB has done is remind me of how much I miss having Gillian on my screen on a regular basis.

7. I watched the season four finale of Doctor Who yesterday. I've got mostly mixed feelings. I'm a pretty casual viewer and the only season I've seen in its entirety is season three with Martha. I remember Donna from the first Doctor Who I saw "The Runaway Bride" and I've read positive things about her on the web but I've got no real connection to her. However I have so say that I am not at all happy with her conclusion. Is Doctor Who supposed to be tragic? Also, I've only seen about three episodes with Rose and I understand there are quite a number of Rose/Ten supporters out there. I don't really ship anyone but I was rather intrigued with Rose and the human!Doctor. On one hand it's like "Here you go shippers! This one's for you" but on the other hand he's not really the Doctor. Regardless, I wouldn't mind reading some fic on Rose and human!Doctor.

8. There's interesting discussion on forkni-l about "Curiouser and Curiouser" right now, mostly about vampires and guilt. The conversation is more about the ability of vampires to synthesize guilt but I'm more interested in the fantasy world Nick's concocted. Nick has nothing if not an active imagination i.e. the diner sequence in "Dying for Fame" and even the rock star sequences, visions of Erica in "Last Act", LaCroix offering Monica up to Nick in "Feeding the Beast", or the bringing Natalie over in "Night in Question". According to LaCroix, the fantasy world Nick was in was all his guilt. If he doesn't take care of it soon it'll manifest itself once more but with "more ferocity." What would up the ante from "Curiouser and Curiouser"? Something with the same intensity as [profile] susanmgarrett's "Knight in Hell' perhaps? I also wonder if anyone's ever written fic set in that fantasy world. It has a lot of extremely interesting avenues for exploration. Schanke as the by the book cop, Cohen as Nick's counselor, Captain Lambert risking her job and/or reprimand for a liason with a subordinate (Nick), and Janette's knowledge or not of Nick infidelity. I always thought that Janette was aware of Nick's affair but after reading forkni-l, when Janette spoke of Nick's "performance" and the Captain it could have been his work "performance" and not the extracurricular kind. I guess my mind's in the gutter.
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Just a small note:
I'd intended for this post to be a quick, let me get my initial impression out before I was influenced by others. It was supposed to go up late Friday night but didn't. I'm now posting it with some additions after I've seen the movie a second time and the weekend tally has come out.

That's it, I couldn't wait till Saturday so I took the afternoon off from work and drove to the nearest theater to see XF:IWTB on Friday.

I arrived 30 minutes before the day's second showing and I was immediately distressed. I was the only one there. On one hand that meant prime seating selection but on the other hand it felt like I was the only  one enthused about the movie. I immediately began texting my former college roommate to shake a metaphorical fist in the air over the injustice of people not giving Mulder and Scully the hearty welcome back they deserve.

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When it comes to new TV shows I tend to have this rule. I rarely watch a series in its first outing and it isn't until a second or third season that I check out shows that had struck me as interesting and have somehow managed to make it through the network television gauntlet.

The X-Files--middle of its 5th season.
Smallville--middle of its 5th season.
Supernatural--reruns of the 1st season in preparation for season 2.
Six Feet Under--3rd season
Ally McBeal--3rd season
Roswell--2nd season
Homicide: Life on the Streets--4th season
Gilmore Girls --6th season
Veronica Mars--3rd season

Of course there are exceptions to that rule. I was there for the very beginnings of Deadwood and Rome (both on HBO), Friday Night Lights on NBC, Millennium on Fox, and this season's Damages on FX. However as a general rule and as a means of protecting myself from getting too attached to a series that probably won't even make it past their 3rd episode, I generally choose to stay away. Sure I follow the media buzz surrounding those shows that I'm interested in but I always stay a safe distance away. Pre-launch buzz doesn't always translate into ratings. Can you say Bionic Woman, because I can.

However this season I deviated from the very plan that had always worked so well for me. My theory is that the shows that appealed to me reminded me of shows that are near and dear to my heart.

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Oodles of X-Files goodness broke this week. Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Mitch Pileggi, Nic Lea, Dean Haglund and scores of writers and directors from the show turned up at the XF panel at the Paley Festival on Wednesday. Heck even both Morgan brothers turned out of the event. Even Darin, who tends to come out of hibernation only once a decade.

They premiered the first official teaser trailer. It looks like it's more for the fans than for the casual, uninitiated viewer but I loved every second of it. Too bad Fox has already had it removed from YouTube. Rumor has it that the trailer, either the teaser or a longer one, will be attached to Iron Man, which premieres May 2nd. I had not interest in seeing it but I am so there. My dad and brother are thrilled that I'll be joining them.

Then there is the teaser poster. Feast your eyes on this baby. It's sleek, cool, iconic, and mysterious. Nice job Fox marketing team. Am I gonna have to break some kneecaps to get me one?

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I continue my search for Forever Knight vids and in the process I've come across [personal profile] astolat and [personal profile] hafital's Janette video "Hunter"  It's a strong video that explores a theme that I've been thinking a lot about lately.


Feb. 25th, 2008 10:37 pm
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Geraint Wyn Davies as Arthur Conan Doyle in The Murdoch Mysteries

It looks like in between filming guest stints for the fourth season of ReGenesis, doing a theatrical run of The Elephant Man, and preparing for his role as Polonious in MacBeth in a return stint to the Stratford Festival, Ger has managed to fit in a guest stint on Citytv's The Murdoch Mysteries.


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