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I'm not really into Star Wars. I've seen the original trilogy. I've seen the prequels and that's pretty much it. The new ones don't hold any interest for me. However, I did see and enjoy Rogue One. Of course the only reason I set foot anywhere near that movie was because of Mads Mikkelsen, but it was a thoroughly entertaining movie that I would definitely recommend to any non Star Wars fan. And as for Mads...well Mads was Mads. Awesome as always and look! Playing a good guy in an English language movie. The last time he did that was like 10 years ago.

So now I've got a few Rogue One recs that have managed to slip onto my radar.

First up is a beautiful Rogue One vid by Vanity Sin which focuses on the Erso family and Orson Krennic.

Fic Recs:

The Best of All Possible Worlds by [ profile] TigerPrawn

A secret experimental device. A means of escape. A new world with a familiar face. Galen Erso is a man displaced who needs to get home. Wrangled into helping. Persuaded by his Hippocratic oath. Held by his fascination. Mortimer Granville is a man on the verge of great things, greater than he could possibly know. They are both optimistic.

Notes: It's a curious thing. In Rogue One, Mads Mikkelsen plays scientist Galen Erso. Felicity Jones plays his grown daughter Jyn Erso. In 2011 Felicity Jones had a supporting role in the Victorian romantic comedy Hysteria. A movie about the invention of the vibrator. Seriously, check it out. It's a hidden gem. Anyhoo, said movie also starred Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen's Hannibal and King Arthur costar. Dancy's Mortimer Granville romanced Felicity Jones' Emily Dalrymple in the movie. So naturally someone decided to take that coincidence and run with it. The result is a charming crossover in the grand Hannigram AU/Rarepair tradition. Let the shy awkwardness and Victorian sexual tension between Galen and Mortimer commence. If you ask me Mortimer doesn't really get his due in Hannigram AU fic and this story lets his character shine.

The Speed of Light by [ profile] Magical_Destiny

"My favorite children's book is about a little prince who came to earth from a distant asteroid. He meets a pilot whose plane has crashed in the desert. The little prince teaches the pilot many things, but mainly about love.”

Notes: I get so emotional with Spacedogs stories. They are my favorite Hannigram AU pairing. Nigel and Adam make me smile. They make me cry. They are the best pick me up when you want to lose yourself in a story. Magical_Destiny is a beautiful writer and she deftly melds Star Wars with the world of Spacedogs. Nigel crash lands in Tatoonie and makes his way to a cantina in Mos Eisley where he runs into Adam. Adam is trying to commission a pilot to take him back to Alderaan. This story takes place during New Hope so I think you know what they're not going to find. If you're in the mood for a thoughtfully planned out crossover give this Spacedogs in actual space story a gander.

Scattering Stars Like Dust by [ profile] hesterbyrde

Two years before the events of Rogue One, Galen Erso is hard at work devising a plan to weaken the Death Star. He is joined on the Eadu Research Station by Adam Raki, a brilliant navigations specialist. A relationship is born from their abiding lonliness, their passion for science, and their belief that the stars are for everyone.

Notes: Adam and Galen fit perfectly together. To steal a line from Hannibal, they are "identically different" and hesterbyrde brings out their personality with panache. There's such a small window for these characters and not a single moment in this story feels wasted. Their time together is well lived in. God knows these two need it.
Dust to Dust by [ profile] Magical_Destiny

Galen Erso: a life.

Notes: Galen Erso is an extremely fascinating character. There are the obvious Robert Oppenheimer parallels in which scientific pursuits led to the creation of weapons of unspeakable destruction. In this short and potent story Galen's life is told in short burst before and after he's taken to work for Krennic. It's so incredibly sad but at the same time hopeful. Galen has lost his wife and he doesn't know of Jin's fate but he can persevere.

May the 4th be with you!
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[ profile] festivids  reveals will be later today. I'm on pins and needles to find out who did several of my favorite vids from the challenge but especially my gift, the spectacularly awesome Forever Knight vid "Cemeteries of London". I've got two guesses on the vidder and in a few hours I'll find whether or not I was correct or way off.

I know that there were several people on my f-list who were unable to see the vid, but I'm sure download links should remedy the problem. :-)

The vid I created is currently in a locked post and it'll go live as soon as the moderators for the comm finish updating the 2009 Festivid Master List. This is the link to watch for all those curious.

Lately, LJ has been eating my posts and throwing them up half complete. It also ate several unfinished posts that I had saved, so a listing of my favorites from the challenge will go up eventually. Hopefully my 2009 Fanfiction Meme will go up before the end of today. It's one of the posts that disappeared into the LJ ether (twice), so it won't be as detailed as my first attempts.

I'm finishing up my second month of reccing Forever Knight fic on [ profile] crack_van . It's a funny coincidence that I ended up doing two months in a row. I requested the opportunity to do FK recs back in the summer and when I saw that December was Small Fandom Month, I figured it would be a nice way to bump my request to the front of the line. Apparently, it didn't negate my original request to be one of the monthly featured fandoms and my request made it to the top of the list for January. Sadly, I only posted sporadically during the month but I want the fandom to have a healthy number of recs for any potential newbies. I pretty much spammed the comm last night and I'd like to get in five more before midnight.

Now that Forever Knight has been introduced to [ profile] crack_van  I hope other fans will consider throwing in some of their favorites. I've personally used the comm when sniffing around new fandoms and their fic and [ profile] crack_van  is highly regarded around fandom in general.

Tomorrow, February 1st is the deadline for porn battle. gnosticdiva has contributed three Forever Knight ficlets (two of which were based on my prompts. She has kindly compiled a post with links to all her contributions. The challenge ends tomorrow at 9PM UK time so that'll put the end at 3PM central standard time for me. I've got my own contribution to play with but time is an issue. Thankfully, it's short and relatively painless.

[ profile] halfamoon  starts tomorrow and runs for two weeks. I'll be leaving some Forever Knight prompts soon but there is no need to follow any of them. As long as you celebrate the awesomeness of women in fandom, it's fair game.


Dec. 31st, 2009 10:09 am
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Hey all!

I finished the first draft of my [ profile] festivids entry.

::pumps fist in air::

I'm sure my entire household is probably sick of its song, but anyhoo. All this means my self-imposed removal from almost all things fandom (I'm doing Forever Knight recs over at [ profile] crack_van ) is over.

Posting will commence soon. Oh, and Happy New Year!


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I came across the First Annual Femslash Kink meme over at dw via a post by [ profile] havocthecat . I meant to scan only a few pages mainly because I didn't expect to find anything of interest. However, when I saw Natalie/Janette listed as a sample request I simply had to scan all the comments. Nothing popped up but I did leave two rather tame prompts. One was Janette/Natalie for Forever Knight and the second was Lois/Tess for Smallville.

Less than two hours later there was a wonderful, sexy AU ficlet featuring Janette and Natalie. Heaps of praise should be laid at the author's

Posts should be made anonymously and it will run through midnight on July 18th.


Pride, Prejudice & Jimmy Choos by sunrei -- a hilarious Smallville AU WIP that envisions Lois as a Hannah Montana pop princess named Lola Dakota. After a missed Good Morning, America concert, she is banished to the town of Smallville. Hilarity ensues. This has got some of the cleverist and snappiest dialogue I've read in a while. Sunrei hits another home run with this one.


I was visiting the site of Prufrock's Love X-FIles fic and while there I got suckered into re-reading an old favorite, the historical AU Paracelsus. This might be old news but there are some new additions sprinkled throughout the story. I haven't checked the other stories because I know that once I start I'll have to finish them. Besides, with three ficathons coming up for me, I should be writing not reading.

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Porn Battle VII (The Seven Deadly Sins) has come and gone so here are a few recs I found particularly enjoyable.

Life with Derek )The Little Mermaid )

Nancy Drew Mysteries )

Smallville )

The X-Files )

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I've never really understood the appeal of the drabble. I've read several that I enjoyed but it's not something I pursue. Maybe it's because I have this little problem with brevity. Anyhoo, these are three Forever Knight drabbles that I recently come across and they are absolutely delightful.

Another Morgue, Another Town by [ profile] donutsweeper  (Forever Knight/Torchwood)

This crossover would never have occurred to me but works brilliantly. There are some great Nick and Nat lines and the possibilities of Nick and Jack crossing paths are endless. Originally written for tw100

To Permanence by [ profile] donutsweeper  (Janette)

If haven't checked out [ profile] halfamoon  you're missing out. Gems like this fic keep popping up. This story captures Janette beautifully in so few words. And any insight into her management of the Raven is tops in my book. Originally written for [ profile] halfamoon  and [ profile] tv_100 

By Rights by [ profile] fickitten  (Janette/Natalie)

I've noticed that I have thing for Janette/Natalie. It's an itch that needs to be scratch and this drabble creates a nice scenario for it and suggests why there wasn't much Janette and Natalie interaction. By her own words, Janette is a glutton. Originally written for [ profile] femslash100 

I owe people responses. Both on LJ and email. I'm getting to them. Promise. :)

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Drive by Yuletide recs before the family heads out for the day. Merry Christmas to all and please be safe.

Forever Knight )

She-Ra )

Bonus: A Yuletide vid! )

:::Updated with a few more recs:::

Friday Night Lights )

Murdoch Mysteries )

New Amsterdam )

Saved by the Bell )

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Over the Thanksgiving holidays [ profile] tv_elf  a longtime member of the Forever Knight community and friend to many passed away.

I didn't know Abby but if there is anything that has become clear as I went through my f-list and their f-list, is that she was truly a remarkable person who touched a lot of lives.

I first became familiar with Abby via the birthday Forever Knight fic she wrote [ profile] brightknightie  last year called "Things Unsaid". There were so many elements in that story that were incredibly satisfying. There are so few sources of FK fic nowadays, 12 years after cancellation, but here was a story that took the events of "Last Knight" and ran with it in a truly unique way. I loved the visual she presented of the long deceased Schanke selling Nick boxes of candy bars so that his daughter Jenny could pay for a school trip. Here also was big, bad vampire LaCroix serving as a father figure to Jenny as she grew up, but at the same time "Uncle Luke" never lost the edge that made LaCroix such a memorable character. Abby weaved all that complexity and more in such few words. Not only was it a gift for [ profile] brightknightie  but excellent fic is a gift to everyone who reads it.

Forever Knight has such a small presence on livejournal. Many of those on LJ may have known [ profile] tv_elf  via her quirky penguins Vividcon 06 vid entitled "I Walk the Line" It's cuteness a plenty!

A memory post has been set up at [ profile] horsechicks[ profile] horsechicks . Friends have suggested donations to the Muscular Dystrophy Association in her memory.
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I've been browsing a couple of journals and f-lists and I've noticed quite a proliferation of femslash posts. Apparently Saturday was International Day of Femslash and I missed it. I'm not really a slasher but I have been known to enjoy the occasional femslash offering. So in albeit late honor of the event, here are a few of the femslash fan creations that I've really enjoyed. A handful are explicit but most are very subtle and merely suggest.

Forever Knight

[fic] What Makes a Mortal Interesting by [profile] dknightshade  

I could probably count on one hand the number of FK femslash fics I've come across. So it was rather unchartered territory when I came across this particular story and the suggestion of potential Natalie/Janette in the wake of  "A More Permanent Hell." The sensuality and fluidity of Janette's gestures are perfectly captured, as is Natalie's fascination with the world of the vampire. It's a great read which builds wonderfully, for me anyway, from the delicious amount of tension between the two women from earlier in the season in "Faithful Followers".

[fic] untitled crossover, Kate/Fleur by [personal profile] havocthecat  

I'm unfamiliar with Stargate: Atlantis but I am aware that actress Claire Rankin, who played Fleur on FK, played a a recurring character on the series. Given the different natures of the characters' time, at first glance a crossover seemed unlikely but the premise is really inspired. The details in this story are wonderful and anything that further explores Fleur is always much appreciated. This story doesn't disappoint.

Gossip Girl

[fic] Guilt by Association by [profile] gespawcho  

This is just hot. Plain and simple. I love the glimpses of S and B in the future.

[fic] In Bloom by [profile] jengrrrl   

This is Blair and Serena the girlfriends, not the enemies. Everything between them is so casual and seemingly effortless even as Blair begins to embrace Serena's penchant for spontaneity.

[fic] Shed by [profile] jengrrrl   

So much perfection in so few words.


[fic]The First Kiss by [personal profile] pervyficgirl   

This story isn't long but it's potent. I love how through the different encounters Adora has had with the women in the Rebellion, it is simultaneously telling us the story of their quest for freedom. It's both beautiful and bittersweet.

[fic]The Death of Myth-making by [profile] jengrrrl  

It's hard to pinpoint what exactly it is about this story that I adore. The Masters of the Universe world has the misfortune of being mostly remembered as an 80s cartoon and therefore given very little regard. This story gives the reader a disciplined, complex view of the Horde, Etheria and all the characters that inhabit it. This story is a prime example of what the fandom, at its finest, can produce.  


[vid] Faster Kill Pussycat by [personal profile] talitha78   

I've mentioned that I'm not much of a slasher but this video really made me sit up and take notice. I love everything about it. The song choice is wonderfully pulsating and sexy and the clip selection and editing compliment each other perfectly. Also available to stream at youtube

[fic] Seule et Amoureuse by [personal profile] mskatej  

One thing about Smallville fandom is that there isn't much Lana fic. Sure there's Clana and Lexana fic or stories in which Lana is Clark's whiny girlfriend or the scorned ex. However stories in which Lana is the main protagonist are sorely lacking.  Then along comes [personal profile] mskatej with this sexy, provocative, and insightful character study through porn. Every encounter tells us more about the person Lana is, not the person people choose to see her as. This is a highly recommended read. It's also one of my all time favorite Smallville fics.
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Drive by posting to give a major shout out to the participants of [community profile] femme_fic's "We Love Female Characters" ficathon.

I haven't had time to read a single story but I did quickly skim through the entries and there's a lot to pick from. On the Forever Knight front there are not one but two entries. How about that! That's awesome.

[personal profile] havocthecat has written a story centered around Natalie and Janette. Any story that gives Natalie and Janette dialog together is a winner but to have such a talented writer behind it makes it all the better. And it's set during the oh so great 1st season to boot.

[personal profile] brightknightie has delivered what is sure to be an outstanding piece of writing for Fleur and LaCroix. There's no one more skilled for these two characters  Hello! Amy wrote Fireweed. Need I say more.

Story Masterlist by Fandom.

Babylon 5 (1)
Battlestar Galactica (6)
Blood Ties (1)
Bones (2)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (6)
Charlie's Angels (1)
Charmed (3)
Chuck (1)
Dark Angel (1)
Doctor Who (1)
Farscape (1)
Firefly (6)
Forever Knight (2)
Friday Night Lights (1)
Gilmore Girls (1)
Harry Potter (2)
Heroes (6)
NCIS (8)
Sarah Connor Chronicles (1)
Stargate (6)
Star Trek (5)
Superman (1)
Supernatural (4)
Torchwood (2)
Women's Murder Club (2)
X-Men (2)
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I'm so glad to see that [personal profile] volta1228's fic "Embodiment of Faith" has now made it to FKFIC-l where it can be accessed by a larger FK crowd. Back in mid February Scarlett had posted the story to [profile] fk_fanfiction and it made an impression on me and then later to the Yahoo!Group Forever-Knightfanfiction.

I've read stories that have reused the character of Father Rochefort from "For I Have Sinned" but I think this is my favorite. I loved Nick's introduction to the story. He's lines had that brash quality that dominated his personality early on in the series but they still remained twinged with humor.

I really can't do this story justice which is probably why my feedback for the author is floundering in my inbox.
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Ok so checks calendar...yep mid way through January, thought so. Looks at fic recs...yep Christmas fic and Yuletide fic, thought so.

So what! Good fic is never out of season.

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I've already seen two livejournals jumping for joy at the arrival of a new fic over at fkfic-l so I thought I'd throw in my own squeeing. I was at work this morning checking my email and when I went to refresh the page there it was, "Revenge" by Ell Hase. Apparently the discusion at forkni-l about where the characters would be now inspired her to dust off an unfinished fic and post. Forever Knight fandom I love you. What other little nuggets are you hiding?

A while back I wrote up a little something for [personal profile] bop_radar's character study challenge. There were several Forever Knight prompts and so I settled on one that I felt would be a challenge. A Tracy prompt on Nick that needless to say I didn't get to finish in time for the deadline. I told myself it would be something short and something akin to a writing exercise but unfortunately it's ended up a little longer than I'd planned. Length wise it's about as long as my first Forever Knight story The Ease of Friendship but I'm still ironing a few things out. Anyway, as the deadline approached and my desire to contribute something to the wonderful challenge boppy had put together I threw together a short ficlet on a different prompt: Nick Knight--Redemption. It doesn't entirely work and other then the prompt list for the challenge it hasn't appeared anywhere else but I figure what the Hell. It explores Nick's desire for redemption but at the same time his fear of redemption. I sometimes wondered if Nick wasn't sabotaging his own attempts at mortality because he's afraid of what he'll have to confront when he meets his maker. In season 2's "Near Death" he didn't like hearing from the guide that despite the good deeds he's done through the centuries the state of his soul is less than stellar. Oh well, maybe one of these days I'll go back and try to fix it or simply leave it as an example of what can happen when you try to write some introspective stuff in 30 minutes. This is my quickie Forever Knight ficlet now titled Catch-22.

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My tv viewing has been chopped in half now because DirecTV doesn't carry all the local channels. I no longer have NBC (bye bye Journeyman) and CW (adios Smallville, Supernatural, and Gossip Girl) so I'm drowning my sorrows by reading fic. I've tried watching on youtube and on the network video players but it's just not the same.

But now on to the recs and its theme day boys and girls:

Smallville recs (futurefic) )

The prose is wonderful, as is the imagery. I can't decide what snapshot is my favorite because they're all perfect but the last one breaks my heart.  ::hugs Lex::

"First Against the Wall" by

[personal profile] extrasolar

extrasolar has a wonderful knack for sucking you into the story.  This WIP story picks up two years after the events currently unfolding in season 7 just after Lois has broken the Belle Reve story. The level of antagonism that is present in the DP newsroom falls in line nicely with some of the comments that have been going around SV fandom concerning Lois and her entrance into the DP, namely that she's a no talent bimbo who was handed a job based on her looks. Not true says I but I like that the Lois naysayers in the story have to swallow their words in the face of her genuinely kickass work as a journalist.

"In Reverse" by

[personal profile] thedeadparrot

Lois, Clark, Superman, secret identities, and Clois flirting all wrapped up in this futurefic story. Kudos for the use of the Clark travels the world storyline from Superman:Birthright. If Smallville goes this route rather than the Clark trains in the Fortress of Solitude for years like in the Richard Donner films I will be one happy fan.

And for a rec withing a rec if you're a member of Divine Intervention do a search for "Logic Will Break Your Heart" in the serial fanfiction section. It's Clois futurefic with strong parallels to John Le Carre's The Constant Gardener. Only 5 parts to this WIP were ever posted and from what I can see only DI received it. It's in none of parrot's websites. It might have been abandoned but what was written set up what I'm sure would have been an exciting story.

"The Elevator Factor" by mykella.

Lois, Clark, and the privacy of an elevator ride. This one's hot and it leaves you wanting more.

 "When First We Met" by Smallvillian.

I'm gonna cheat and break from the futurefic theme with this story which unfolds the past rather than the future.

I stumbled upon this story accidentally and boy am I glad I did. The love story between Jonathan and Martha has never been more real to me then in this story. It saddens me that this story has apparently been abandoned but 19 chapters does a wonderful job of exploring the obstacles that a small town guy from Smallville and a city girl from Metropolis face and eventually overcome.

Forever Knight (Dark NN or Nat as a vamp) )Crossover fic with Angel which I never saw but previous knowledge wasn't necessary. I like the visual of Nick and Nat happy and in love even if they're both vampires. Yay that Natalie is apparently letting her feminine and sexy side out with Nick. Also 3rd POV fics are a guilty pleasure of mine so that's another thing this fic has going for it. The differences in vampires in Whedonverse and Forever Knight was also nicely handled.

"For I Have Sinned/Love You to Death" by imajiru

Another solid story by imajiru. I'm sure you can tell I'm a fan. This story gives Nick his mortality and then jerks it away in one of the cruelest ways possible--Natalie. What follows takes the reader down a path that requires Nick and Natalie to come to terms with the decisions they make and their consequences. Natalie will feel Nick's wrath and she will suffer because of it. The new existence they find each other in over the years is marked with detachment, bouts of comfort, and eventual emotional distance. Nick's love of all things mortal manifests once more and it's a bitter pill to swallow that Natalie can no longer be on the receiving end of that reverence. LaCroix figures prominently in the second story as a concerned father figure who only wants the best for his "children".

"Further to Fall" by

[profile] wiliqueen

For an early season 1 story the characterizations are spot on. That's a testament to both the quality of the writer and the writers on the show. Paul makes an interesting foil from Nick's past and the flashback scene with LaCroix choosing to punish Janette because of Nick's disobedience is nicely done. And although not a romantic relationship the Nick/Nat factor was high and firmly based on their friendship and need for each other.

"Last Minutes" by Amy R.

This one is hot off the presses. It recently popped up in the my inbox compliments of FKFIC-L and Amy as usual doesn't disappoint. With this story she asks the question what kind of existence would Natalie have if she was forced to face eternity alone without Nick, knowing that she can't follow him. This fic has a really great ironic twist in that the one thing that made it possible for Natalie to be allowed into Nick's vampire world as a spectator is the one thing that traps her in it forever. Over a decade since FK went off the air and wonderful fic is still being produced. Kudos!

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