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fandom: forever knight
category: AU-ish
rating: PG-13
author’s note: Happy Canada Day! This is a tiny excerpt from a much, much larger story I started back in 2008 or so. All you gotta know is that Nick's human. Don't ask me how. It just came about. Maybe he stumbled upon a four leaf clover or a Jinn or something.
word count: 748
disclaimer: they don’t belong to me, no money is being made. I’m only borrowing them.

summary: Nick and Natalie celebrate Canada Day...sort of

The air outside is warm and the view of the harbor from the roof of his building is unobstructed. Recently building contractors have been sniffing around looking for prime real estate to develop and for the moment the neighborhood is devoid of construction cranes and makeshift protected sidewalks. Now if only Natalie would decide to grace him with her presence. She’s on night shift rotation again and Nick is hoping that she’s able to trade off the rest of her shift before tonight’s festivities begin.

The sound of the garage opening down below announces Natalie’s arrival home as Nick takes another sip from his beer. Wine just doesn’t seem appropriate for a summer night outside with the woman he loves and a Canada Day light show compliments of the city of Toronto. It’ll only be a matter of minutes before she finds his note downstairs alerting her to his whereabouts. The minutes tick by slowly for Nick before the rooftop door finally opens and she emerges still dressed from work but also bearing a bowl of popcorn.

“You made it,” Nick says, stating the obvious.

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five facets of a metro homicide detective
by abby82

prompt: [Forever Knight] Tracy Vetter—Nick Knight
rating: G
word count: 5066
author’s note: written for [personal profile] bop_radar 's character study challenge on livejournal; thanks to [ profile] brightknightie for her excellent beta skills and observations, mistakes that remain are entirely mine.
disclaimer: they don’t belong to me, no money is being made. I’m only borrowing them. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott & Barney Cohen.
story began: October 2007
story finished: October 2009

summary: nick knight, through the eyes of tracy vetter

Nick Knight: partner...supercop...commitment-phobic...criminal...vampire )
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perchance to dream: ghost song
by abby

category: AU
rating: R for mild sexual situations
author’s note: a series of short scenes that take place in the "Curiouser & Curiouser" unreality; originally intended for "Twisting the Twilight Zone Challenge 2009" but I got sidetracked
word count: 1579
disclaimer: they don’t belong to me, no money is being made. I’m only borrowing them. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott & Barney Cohen.
story began: March 2009
story finished: May 2009

summary: a marriage, an affair and a baby on the way

He didn't just abandon his wife Nick assures himself, because to admit that is to make it true. )
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change upon us
by abby

category: post “Ashes to Ashes”
rating: G
author’s note: written for the Fic Drought NNFic challenge at the NNFic Yahoo! Group
word count: 3056
disclaimer: they don’t belong to me, no money is being made. I’m only borrowing them. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott & Barney Cohen.
story began and finished: March 2009

summary: Change had been playing catch up with Nick and Natalie for some time now. Perhaps it was about to overtake them.

His voice was low and intimate. Like he was sharing a secret. )
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illusions of mortality
by abby

category: DarkNN, post-Last Knight
story prompt: [Forever Knight] Natalie/Nick, children
rating: R for sexual situations
disclaimer: I'm only borrowing them, no money is being made. Ownership lies elsewhere. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott & Barney Cohen.
author's note: written for [ profile] oxoniensis 's Porn Battle VII (The Seven Deadly Sins); this was a quickie and written in about a day, therefore it's not beta'd
word count: 1702
story began and finished: January 2009

Porn Battle post is here.

summary: Blood reveals even the most well hidden dreams.


The house is silent when Nick arrives home. )
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rogue vampire
by abby

missing scene for "Dark Knight: The Second Chapter"
story prompt: [Forever Knight] Janette & Alyce Hunter--Janette doesn't like uncontrolled converts in her town
rating: G
disclaimer: I'm only borrowing them, no money is being made. Ownership lies elsewhere. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott & Barney Cohen.
author's note: written for the[ profile] galpalficathon; a great big thanks to [ profile] brightknightie  who issued the prompt and who kindly took the time to beta  the story. It's a better story for all  her advice and thoughts.
word count: 2941
story began: October 2008
story finished: November 2008; modified--January 2009

summary: an unlikely fledgling vampire requires Janette's immediate attention

Rogue Vampire )
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flight of the imagination
by abby

category: pre-Dark Knight
prompt: Forever Knight, Nick/Natalie--trust
rating: NC-17 for sexual situations
word count: 4626
disclaimer: I'm only borrowing them, no money is being made. Ownership lies elsewhere. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott & Barney Cohen.
author's note: this story was originally intended for [ profile] oxoniensis ' porn battle V on livejournal back in January 2008 however I couldn't finish it in time; this story had a false start back in March 2008 when my two betas expressed confusion with the story, therefore I set it aside to gain some distance and perspective.
story began: January 2008
story finished: November 2008

summary: Reality or fantasy, which will help Nick Knight achieve mortality? 
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cutthroat business
by abby

category: pre-series
rating: G
disclaimer: Janette doesn't belong to me, i'm only borrowing her; no money is being made
author's note: I think I'm incapable of accurately writing Janette, so this is me writing Janette but not; written for medie's "Because We're Awesome" all about the girls challenge on livejournal
prompt: [Forever Knight] Janette--business

summary: An unconventional evening for a Toronto realtor and his mysterious client. Origin story for a certain Toronto club.


She's late he thought miserably... )
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title: what would happen
author: abby
fandom: forever knight/smallville
pairing: natalie/clark
rating: somewhere between R and NC-17
word count: 2747
disclaimer: I'm only borrowing them, no money is being made. Ownership lies elsewhere. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott and Barney Cohen. Smallville was created by Al Gough and Miles Millar.
prompt: crossover, Forever Knight/Smallville, Natalie/Clark, birthday
author's note: completely disregard the 5 years difference between FK's end in 1996 and SV's beginning in 2001; this story occurs during a magical time when time doesn't exist and season 1 of Forever Knight and the years after Smallville collide; written for [ profile] oxoniensis  porn battle V ; this is the first time I've ever posted anything remotely resembling smut but not my first attempt at it. A thousand thanks to Cheryl for looking this story over and cleaning it up. Oh let's not forget cleaning up my lax comma skills. Any mistakes that remain are mine.

summary: “I’m here because I like you, Clark. Because I like the way you make me feel. I’ve enjoyed our time together and I don’t want it to least not yet but we both know how this is going to end. "

Alternate cover banner

What Would Happen )
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Ok so checks calendar...yep mid way through January, thought so. Looks at fic recs...yep Christmas fic and Yuletide fic, thought so.

So what! Good fic is never out of season.

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I've already seen two livejournals jumping for joy at the arrival of a new fic over at fkfic-l so I thought I'd throw in my own squeeing. I was at work this morning checking my email and when I went to refresh the page there it was, "Revenge" by Ell Hase. Apparently the discusion at forkni-l about where the characters would be now inspired her to dust off an unfinished fic and post. Forever Knight fandom I love you. What other little nuggets are you hiding?

A while back I wrote up a little something for [personal profile] bop_radar's character study challenge. There were several Forever Knight prompts and so I settled on one that I felt would be a challenge. A Tracy prompt on Nick that needless to say I didn't get to finish in time for the deadline. I told myself it would be something short and something akin to a writing exercise but unfortunately it's ended up a little longer than I'd planned. Length wise it's about as long as my first Forever Knight story The Ease of Friendship but I'm still ironing a few things out. Anyway, as the deadline approached and my desire to contribute something to the wonderful challenge boppy had put together I threw together a short ficlet on a different prompt: Nick Knight--Redemption. It doesn't entirely work and other then the prompt list for the challenge it hasn't appeared anywhere else but I figure what the Hell. It explores Nick's desire for redemption but at the same time his fear of redemption. I sometimes wondered if Nick wasn't sabotaging his own attempts at mortality because he's afraid of what he'll have to confront when he meets his maker. In season 2's "Near Death" he didn't like hearing from the guide that despite the good deeds he's done through the centuries the state of his soul is less than stellar. Oh well, maybe one of these days I'll go back and try to fix it or simply leave it as an example of what can happen when you try to write some introspective stuff in 30 minutes. This is my quickie Forever Knight ficlet now titled Catch-22.

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My tv viewing has been chopped in half now because DirecTV doesn't carry all the local channels. I no longer have NBC (bye bye Journeyman) and CW (adios Smallville, Supernatural, and Gossip Girl) so I'm drowning my sorrows by reading fic. I've tried watching on youtube and on the network video players but it's just not the same.

But now on to the recs and its theme day boys and girls:

Smallville recs (futurefic) )

The prose is wonderful, as is the imagery. I can't decide what snapshot is my favorite because they're all perfect but the last one breaks my heart.  ::hugs Lex::

"First Against the Wall" by

[personal profile] extrasolar

extrasolar has a wonderful knack for sucking you into the story.  This WIP story picks up two years after the events currently unfolding in season 7 just after Lois has broken the Belle Reve story. The level of antagonism that is present in the DP newsroom falls in line nicely with some of the comments that have been going around SV fandom concerning Lois and her entrance into the DP, namely that she's a no talent bimbo who was handed a job based on her looks. Not true says I but I like that the Lois naysayers in the story have to swallow their words in the face of her genuinely kickass work as a journalist.

"In Reverse" by

[personal profile] thedeadparrot

Lois, Clark, Superman, secret identities, and Clois flirting all wrapped up in this futurefic story. Kudos for the use of the Clark travels the world storyline from Superman:Birthright. If Smallville goes this route rather than the Clark trains in the Fortress of Solitude for years like in the Richard Donner films I will be one happy fan.

And for a rec withing a rec if you're a member of Divine Intervention do a search for "Logic Will Break Your Heart" in the serial fanfiction section. It's Clois futurefic with strong parallels to John Le Carre's The Constant Gardener. Only 5 parts to this WIP were ever posted and from what I can see only DI received it. It's in none of parrot's websites. It might have been abandoned but what was written set up what I'm sure would have been an exciting story.

"The Elevator Factor" by mykella.

Lois, Clark, and the privacy of an elevator ride. This one's hot and it leaves you wanting more.

 "When First We Met" by Smallvillian.

I'm gonna cheat and break from the futurefic theme with this story which unfolds the past rather than the future.

I stumbled upon this story accidentally and boy am I glad I did. The love story between Jonathan and Martha has never been more real to me then in this story. It saddens me that this story has apparently been abandoned but 19 chapters does a wonderful job of exploring the obstacles that a small town guy from Smallville and a city girl from Metropolis face and eventually overcome.

Forever Knight (Dark NN or Nat as a vamp) )Crossover fic with Angel which I never saw but previous knowledge wasn't necessary. I like the visual of Nick and Nat happy and in love even if they're both vampires. Yay that Natalie is apparently letting her feminine and sexy side out with Nick. Also 3rd POV fics are a guilty pleasure of mine so that's another thing this fic has going for it. The differences in vampires in Whedonverse and Forever Knight was also nicely handled.

"For I Have Sinned/Love You to Death" by imajiru

Another solid story by imajiru. I'm sure you can tell I'm a fan. This story gives Nick his mortality and then jerks it away in one of the cruelest ways possible--Natalie. What follows takes the reader down a path that requires Nick and Natalie to come to terms with the decisions they make and their consequences. Natalie will feel Nick's wrath and she will suffer because of it. The new existence they find each other in over the years is marked with detachment, bouts of comfort, and eventual emotional distance. Nick's love of all things mortal manifests once more and it's a bitter pill to swallow that Natalie can no longer be on the receiving end of that reverence. LaCroix figures prominently in the second story as a concerned father figure who only wants the best for his "children".

"Further to Fall" by

[profile] wiliqueen

For an early season 1 story the characterizations are spot on. That's a testament to both the quality of the writer and the writers on the show. Paul makes an interesting foil from Nick's past and the flashback scene with LaCroix choosing to punish Janette because of Nick's disobedience is nicely done. And although not a romantic relationship the Nick/Nat factor was high and firmly based on their friendship and need for each other.

"Last Minutes" by Amy R.

This one is hot off the presses. It recently popped up in the my inbox compliments of FKFIC-L and Amy as usual doesn't disappoint. With this story she asks the question what kind of existence would Natalie have if she was forced to face eternity alone without Nick, knowing that she can't follow him. This fic has a really great ironic twist in that the one thing that made it possible for Natalie to be allowed into Nick's vampire world as a spectator is the one thing that traps her in it forever. Over a decade since FK went off the air and wonderful fic is still being produced. Kudos!

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title: of friends, foam fingers, and frankfurters
author: abby
fandom: forever knight
spoilers: none
category: pre-Dark Knight, Nick/Nat friendship
date started: may 2007
date finished: june 2007
disclaimer: they don't belong to me, i'm only borrowing them; no money is being made

tonight was going to be a great night for baseball

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So back in March 2007 I bought the first and second seasons of Forever Knight as part of Deep Discount DVD's buy one get one free sale. I was majorly obsessed with FK back in the mid 90s. I started watching in syndication just in time to see the final three episodes. Needless to say I didn't know at the time that it was the series finale and was devastated. Not the final episode of Quantum Leap devastated but I enjoyed what I'd seen and I wanted more. Flashforward a couple of months later and Sci-Fi channel picks up FK and begins to air the first and second season which at that point I had yet to see. Like a good little fangirl in training I pleaded with the parental figures to let me record FK in their room since that was where the satellite box was located. I meticulously kept records of the episodes and watched and rewatched my favorite scenes. Well like all things I eventually went on to other things (The X-Files) and my once precious FK recordings were relegated to the back of my closet. Years went by and nary a thought was spent on the show about an 800 year old, vintage Caddy driving vampire with aspirations to join the living until the purchase of the DVD sets.

I was absolutely delighted to discover that FK was just as enjoyable as I'd found it almost a decade ago. I marathoned through the sets and one night I woke up with a story idea in my head. I'd never planned to write FK fic but I committed everything to paper just in case. I played around with the story and aside from some polishing up and some minor tweaking the following story is pretty much as written from that night.

title: the ease of friendship
author: abby
fandom: forever knight
spoilers: none
category:pre-Dark Knight vignette
started: march 2007
finished: may 2007
disclaimer: they don't belong to me, i'm only borrowing them; no money is being made

summary: a drowsy medical examiner, a foot rub, and an enigmatic vampire cop


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