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All the talk about that Forever Knight movie got me thinking about what a legitimate reboot of the series would look like. I say legitimate because it should be something that continues the spirit of the original series and not something that simply takes the character names and puts them in scenarios that are trendy now. Is it a bit harsh to judge something sight unseen? Sure, but when there's precious little about it that seems promising well let's just say my expectations are very, very low.

My Tumblr is pretty much 90% Hannibal and so are the people I follow. Recently a photo of actress Caroline Dhavernas (Wonderfalls) popped up and someone commented on given how vampy she looked in the photo, her character of Alana would be great in the occasional Hannibal vampire AU fics that hit the fandom from time to time. It got me thinking that Caroline would make a lovely choice to play an updated Janette.

I have honestly no clue who could portray the rest of the cast, but I thought this was a fun way for me to try my hand at a photoset that them kids today like putting together.
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Guess who found her missing Forever Knight DVDs? :::waves hand in air::

I was talking to my brother about how they'd completely fallen off the face of the earth and he oh so nonchalantly mentioned that he had them.

Um...why and how?

Apparently, many, many years ago he wanted to properly sit down and watch The X-Files. I of course have the DVDs so he borrowed them from me.

He said I kicked up a fuss about letting him borrow the actual boxset of XF seasons 1 & 2 (hey, they're fragile and back when I bought them a "sale" was $50) so I told him that he could borrow one of my DVD sleeves with the discs inside. He took the opportunity to go "shopping" in my DVD collection and loaded up with other shows he wanted to watch. That sleeve had all three seasons of Forever Knight, the first two of The X-Files, season 1 of Millennium, season 1 of Heroes, and season 1 of Batman the Animated Series. That's a whole lot of shows that went AWOL. Now he didn't actually want to watch FK but the discs were already in the sleeve so he left them in rather than remove them.

The reason I had no memory of this was because with my blessing he loaded up while I was at work. Still, they were missing for YEARS and I never noticed.

Nevertheless, my pretties are back in my possession. Series rewatch here I come!

Dare I hope for some fic inspiration like back in the good old days.

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So I wanted to revisit a handful of season 3 Forever Knight episodes for a story I'd like to finish aaaand the case is empty. Not a single DVD is in there. Hmmm. I check my season 1 & 2 cases and they too are empty. Curiouser and curiouser.

I have two of those large CD/DVD wallets from back in the day that I'd use when I'd come home from college and they're not in there either.

The only one in there is the first disc of season 1 which I had lent out to a former receptionist at work many moons ago. She was a big fan of vampire romance novels and Buffy so I lent her disc one and she lent me one of her books. I read her book (it was not good) but she eventually returned Forever Knight unwatched. Well that's the only disc I have.

I'm genuinely stumped. I know it's been a while since I've revisited the show, but it is rather hard to misplace several DVDs.
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YouTube is a gift. Especially when you fall down the rabbit hole and come across some hidden gems. That brings us to this utterly delightful video exploration of Forever Knight, it’s characters, plotlines, etc. You can find it on the YouTube channel Movie Nights. It's jokey and snarky but also a thoughtful look at the series.

A lot of thought was really put into it. The four episodes covering Forever Knight and Nick Knight range in length from 15 minutes to 18 minutes. You can find part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

The reviewer really enjoyed the series and has plenty of praise to go around. "It's a delightful slice of early 90s cheese and intrigue. A mix of cop drama and vampire shenanigans. Nick is played perfectly by Geraint Wyn Davies, a Welsh actor, who alongside a wonderful supporting cast made this show a cool, dramatic ride."

Definitely check this video series out and be prepared for some laugh out lines, "Who stole the museum goblet? Why it's LaCroix, Nick's sire and eternal pain in the ass."

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I'm a fan of IndieWire's coverage of both movies and television. I visit their site almost every day.

Imagine my surprise when in honor of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's 20th Anniversary, they decided to rank the top 24 vampire television shows. Coming in at #6 is "the great granddaddy of 'vampire solves crime' procedurals"

And yes, even with all the fancy "Peak TV" opening credits that grace television screens today, Forever Knight does indeed have a "badass opening credits sequence" Kudos to you Liz Shannon Miller for recognizing that. 

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Blu Mankuma apparently has a Facebook, and he gave a big honkin' Smallville spoiler on it. For some strange reason I find the fact that he has a Facebook so odd. I personally don't have a Facebook account so I can't see the page for myself but if anyone is interested in taking a's there.

Blu will be guesting in next Friday's episode (April 23rd) of Smallville as DC character Franklin Stern, a role that was played by James Earl Jones in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Kryptonsite, a popular Smallville site that broke the news even used a screenshot of Blu as Captain Reese in Forever Knight.
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After three seasons, the CBC drama The Border has been cancelled.

Ramblings on the series and actors )


Smallville has been renewed for a 10th season. Yep, that's right, a decade of Smallville. It will now surpass Stargate: SG-1 as the longest running sci-fi show in North America. I'm excited but that's shear craziness.


It appears that 24 will be ending its run after eight seasons.

It isn't official )
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"Durham County is very, very creepy and unsettling, and entirely addictive" --New York Times

Deep Discount continues their stellar DVD deals with Durham County, season 1 for $11.98. Although unlike the Forever Knight deal, this one is only for today.

At that price, it makes a great blind buy for anyone who hasn't seen the series.

"It’s pretty tough moving into a new town, raising a family and working on a police case involving a serial killer…especially when the prime suspect lives right across the street from you. You know what they say about buying a new house: location, location, location. It turns out that Det. Mike Sweeney was never cut out to be a realtor. And if he’s not careful, his family might be cut out of his life forever.

“Durham County” is a gripping crime drama that is so tightly written and well performed that you can’t just watch one episode at a time. It is anything but a straight-forward police drama. The plot twists and turns are as sharp as the edge of a knife."

If you like shows like Damages, The Wire or Homicide: Life on the Streets, I think you'll Durham County.

Oh, and one thing I found amusing about the show was that a character was named Natalie LaCroix. I seem to recall a Forever Knight fanfic that had a gotcha ending of Natalie and LaCroix married.
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All three seasons of Forever Knight can currently be found at Deep Discount for $11.98. Shipping is free.

Now there's no excuse not to own the sets.

Actually, now there's no excuse not to own an extra set (or all of them) to have handy for special fandom emergencies like say  brainwashing influencing potential new fans.

Remember when the sets had a SRP of $80?

snagged from [ profile] sol_se 
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OMG! You guys! [ profile] festivids  has gone live and I was gifted the most awesome of aweome Forever Knight vid.

Rush over there and give copious amounts of praise. It totally deserves it. I am over the moon excited and in love with this vid.

It's Forever Knight in all its beautiful glory, covering all three seasons. The music, "Cemeteries of London" by Coldplay is so hauntingly perfect. Spread the word fellow FK fans! Oh, I love my show! I love my vid! And I especially love that extremely talented vidder.

More later when I've recovered and gained control of my ability to formulate words.
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I looks like Forever Knight co-creator and executive producer James D. Parriott is headed back to Toronto (sort of).

According to the Hollywood Reporter, he's joined USA Network's Covert Affairs as an Executive Producer and co-showrunner. The series stars Piper Perabo as a multilingual CIA trainee unexpectedly promoted to field operative while reeling over a mysterious ex-boyfriend who appears to be of particular interest to her agency bosses.

The series will shoot their 11 episode order in Toronto.

The series also stars Christopher Gorham, Peter Gallagher, and Kari Matchett who played Nick's wife Alyssa in season 3's "Dead of Night". (Yay for another FK connection)

Okay, so The Border has apparently not heard my requests to cast Geraint Wyn Davies alongside Catherine Disher AND Nigel Bennett in a single episode (Was I not a good girl this year?), so I will now turn some of my attention to Covert Affairs. Now I know the producers are usually L.A. based, but hopefully Jim Parriott's previous experiences with Toronto will lead him to take an active role in casting. Then, he can bring all of the FK players in for guest appearances. So far the show only has an 11 episode order so he better get cracking.

And if The Border gets a 4th season pick up, I will continue to send positive vibes for Ger to make an appearance. It's only fair. ;-)
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Have you all heard? has all three seasons of Forever Knight on sale for $14.99.

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
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Back in November Chiller aired a Forever Knight marathon. Lately that hasn't been very unusual for the channel but this time they dangled the promise of Geraint Wyn Davies hosting a marathon of his favorite episodes. Well hosting wasn't exactly what he did but the final product had a humorous execution.

There was a series of eight 30 second bits in which Ger spouted some trivia about the show. Sadly there was no new footage of Ger but the voice overs were done over these cheeky clips of the show with some lounge music thrown in. I personally really enjoyed them. I love how the colors of the series pop. It's so vibrant! I wish I could get those colors in my vids. My favorite is the last one that talks about the fans. The message was nice and clips used were great. Stonetree in Dark Knight: "A lot of people are going bananas about this vampire."

I promised to get them up, so as my very belated present here they are:

  • Three Official Novels: Ger talks about the three official Forever Knight novelizations. You can even see [ profile] susanmgarrett's installment. (Yay!). "In the late 90s, three books were published based on our characters. That might sound like bragging. That's because it is. I'm bragging."
  • Nigel Bennett: "There are two ways to become immortal: Become a vampire or if you've got the brains--write a book."
  • Nick was fluent in love: "One of my favorite things about Forever Knight was the chance to travel into different time periods."
  • Ribena: "When I wasn't on screen trying to convince you I craved blood, I was off camera trying not to be sick."
  • The fully clothed version: "The European version was longer. Due to all the nude scenes. Sorry America. Maybe next time" No, Ger! You're perpetuating the myth that there was tons of nudity in the German cuts of the show.
  • Vampire eyes: "Glowing eyes can be found in cats, raccoons and of course actors who play vampires."
  • The art of flying: " The first time we attempted a flying scen, the crew hung me from a crane high above the ground. And as I hung there, suspended in the air, like some nerd a bully had hung on the back of a door. It occurred to me that I may loose some street cred."
  • Thank you fans!: "At different points in our history, we were almost canceled. And right before our blood was drained, our fans saved us with letter writing campaigns."

OK, so apparently Chiller has their own YouTube channel and uploaded the clips. I didn't need to upload my own. The links are to my uploads, except for the vampire eyes and the thank you fans. Check out the ChillerTV channel to get them in the highest quality possible. Also, while watching the marathon, they advertised the Chiller twitter feed. They don't have much up but two tweets are about the FK events they had.


Dec. 31st, 2009 10:09 am
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Hey all!

I finished the first draft of my [ profile] festivids entry.

::pumps fist in air::

I'm sure my entire household is probably sick of its song, but anyhoo. All this means my self-imposed removal from almost all things fandom (I'm doing Forever Knight recs over at [ profile] crack_van ) is over.

Posting will commence soon. Oh, and Happy New Year!


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OK, so I shouldn't even be on the Internet. I'm on boss sanctioned hooky time to finish a video/photo presentation for tomorrow's work Thanksgiving luncheon.

But while checking my email to confirm that there's nothing time sensitive in there for work, I came across this New York Times blurb in my Google Alerts:

The Chiller channel brings back “Forever Knight,” the cult-favorite Canadian series that ran as part of CBS’s “Crimetime After Primetime” block in the mid 1990s. Geraint Wyn Davies, who played Nick Knight, the Toronto cop and tortured vampire who wanted to become mortal, will host a two-night, 16-episode marathon beginning at 8 p.m. Fans of “True Blood” and “Twilight” may be interested to see a vampire glamoring people back in 1992.
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The Chiller Blog has a nice and extensive interview with Ger.

There's lots of good stuff in it like Ger's introduction to directing, the Geminis, and how Ger originally got the role of Nick. I love this quote on the awful looking flying from the first season: "We had to develop our own goofy way of flying. In the first episodes, they hung me from a crane on a wire 80 feet above the ground and I'd be like a guppy trying to flap. It was really embarrassing."

And a there's also this little extra.

I'm not sure how the school photograph of the young boy in the upper left hand corner is related to Forever Knight but there it is. I thought it was pretty neat. The cover to [ profile] susanmgarrett's Forever Knight book is included as well one of the other official FK novelizations. Nigel's collaborations with P.N. Elrod are here too. See it here.
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A site called Sci-Fi TV Zone has a 12 minute audio interview with Geraint Wyn Davies.

In it he briefly discusses:
  • the format for his role in the Chiller Forever Knight marathon "it's casual and very tongue in cheek",
  • memories of the show "I remember laughing a lot" and "it was a joyful experience but it screwed up my sleep patterns for a couple of years",
  • his thoughts on Nick Knight "we invested a lot of humor in it as well as the hyper drama",
  • the shift in the show's tone in the 3rd season and how it affected the natural progression of Nick' character and the loss of John Kapelos and the Schanke character.
  • Classically trained actors and their ability to pull of vampires.
  • Recent but gone shows "one Canadian [Blood Ties] and one down here [Moonlight]" that took a page from the Forever Knight playbook,
  • The current vampire craze "That's what Forever Knight was, someone tossing a rock into the middle of the pond and now we're hitting the shore", and
  • his current Dylan Thomas one man play in NYC.

It was nice interview. I can't wait till Tuesday!

And lookey! The Smallville trailer for "Rabid" is the site's featured video. Yes the episode aired weeks ago but I really like it. Lois and Clark battle zombies!
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So what's the best news a Forever Knight fan could get these days?

Aside from an announcement that the series DVDs were being re-released with the Canadian cuts of the first season and be jam packed with commentaries and bloopers of course.

Well how's this: Geraint Wyn Davies will be hosting a two day marathon on Chiller of his favorite episodes next week.

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Based on several online vendors, it looks like Sony has issued a price drop for the three seasons of Forever Knight.

The suggested retail price was once $59.95.

Now, has seasons one and two listed at $29.95 and season three is currently at $24.99. A 17% discount from SRP. Seasons one and two qualify for free shipping. Season three is a penny short of qualifying for the $25 benchmark.

Deepdiscount has seasons one, two, and three listed for $23.34. All three qualify for free shipping.

There are reports that select Walmarts have the sets for $15. Barnes & Noble had the same pricing but the sets quickly sold out.

The new price is great for fans who have yet to purchase the sets. They were notoriously pricey despite the lack of features and given the popularity of vampire-centric media,  the lower price point might be enough of an enticement for the curious.

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