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I know most of my f-list doesn't watch Friday Night Lights. This season has been jaw droppingly awesome (Although, where are the Hispanic characters FNL? Last time I checked Texas was a minority majority state, but that's a different issue.) The season premiere had Coach Taylor encounter this crazy nut job at the gas station rambilng about pirates. The entire time Coach just sits there with this bewildered look of "What?" And who was this crazy? Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach, who has this known fascination with pirates.

To call Leach quirk is an understatement. When it comes to the college football schedule in the Big 12, Texas Tech is always this great unknown. Actually, all of Texas Tech is this great big mass of unknown craziness. The campus is stuck in the middle of nowhere (Lubbock), they have this banned tradition of throwing tortillas onto the field that students still do, and they have the equally crazy Bobby Knight coach the Tech basketball team. That school is just nuts.  Well yesterday, Texas Tech fired Mike Leach. Granted he's not the most politcally correct coach out there but wow has Tech shot themselves in the foot.
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[ profile] matrithon [ profile] matrithon  is holding a ficathon to celebrate women the age of 40 or over and a few fandoms of interest have had prompts submitted. All the prompts can be found here. There's lots of good stuff. :-)

Blood Ties (Dr. Sagara)
DCU (Lois Lane)
Doctor Who (19 different characters)
Forever Knight (Janette)
Friday Night Lights (Tami Taylor)
Highlander and Highlander: The Raven (Rebecca, Amanda, Lucy Becker)
Homicde: Life on the Street (Megan Russert)
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Martha Kent)
Rome (Atia, Servila)
Sarah Jane Adventures (Sarah Jane)
Slings & Arrows (Ellen Fanshawe)
Smallville (Genevieve Teague, Martha Kent)
Stargate Atlantis (Elizabeth Weir,Teyla Emmagan, Samantha Carter)
Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles (Sarah Connor)
X-Files (Margaret Scully, Teena Mulder)

Prompt claiming runs till July 31st. Fic, art and vids will be accept to satisfy the prompts. Fic should be a minimum of 500 words. Posting dates will run from September 7 - October 5. Rules can be found here.
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Sometimes good things happen to good shows and it looks like Friday Night Lights is one of them. According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC and DirecTV have agreed to continue their partnership in producing the show for two more 13 episode long seasons. The two seasons will shoot back to back. Certain cast members won't be back but producers hope to do send off arcs like they did during season 3.

I think this really one of the best ways to handle this. FNL has got to be one of the most consistently well written and well acted shows I have ever seen. Yes, they did have that rather ridiculous arc during season 2 but heck even that was carried out with more care then most other shows would have done.

Had the series ended with season 3 I would have been content. Yes, many of the characters were starting out new phases of their lives and I would have regretted not being able to see those new phases explored, but I was grateful for the episodes I did get. Many shows don't make it out of their first season and for some reason I tend to get into show that only last 3 seasons. However, with this renewal comes the opportunity to see where my favorite characters are headed as well as what new characters I'll be introduced to. I have no doubt that next two years will be phenomenal.

Now, I've recced the two following FNL vids before. They both premiered at VividCon 2008 but I can't help but rec them again. If you're at all curious about checking out FNL give these two vids a try. I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

Let the Sun Fall Down by [ profile] chasarumba  and New Slang by [ profile] obsessive24 

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It's hard for me to put into words how perfect I feel this show is. It is so strong on multiple levels, from the storytelling, to the acting, to the "set" dressing. Every aspect of this show leaves me speechless. The season 3 finale (or will it be the series finale?) left the people of Dillon, Texas in a wonderful place. There were moments of happiness mixed in with moments of uncertainty for our characters but it felt right. And should  NBC and DirecTV decide to grace us with a fourth season I am eager to see where the town of Dillon and Coach Taylor will be.

However the abysmal promotion NBC is running leaves me disappointed. I realize that of the four major networks NBC is in the cellar ratings wise but the way they are selling the show isn't very inspired. It's very Hallmark and feel good rather than the striking campaign DirectTV launched. If you ask me they should reuse some of that stuff. Now that may not be feasible but even the black and white still photographs of the cast that played during commercials before season 3 even began shooting was effective in its simplicity. Oh well, I just don't see NBC's strategy attracting many eyeballs, especially on a Friday night.

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I've got a Forever Knight fic for the [ profile] galpalficathon in the works called "Rogue Vampire". The deadline is this Sunday so I'm really going to have to hop into overdrive so that it's somewhat presentable by then. I do like the progress I've made so it should be ready.

My Forever Knight [ profile] oldschoolfic Cohen story "Twenty Five Minutes" still needs to be tweaked before it makes an appearance at fkfic-l. I have looked at since it was first posted at the ficathon but not as seriously as I should. It works as it is but I do feel like its missing something that's identifiable as FK.  The problem lies in that Cohen could easily be replaced by some random named individual and it really wouldn't make much difference.

I've also committed myself to absolutely finishing my Tracy POV Forever Knight fic. It needs to be up by the end of the year. It's a self-imposed deadline.

I've been laying down some early exchanges for a Forever Knight/The Border crossover that I first thought about earlier in the year. It's really more of a Border story but the presence of Forever Knight's elements should be felt. I'm working mostly through Maggie's thought processes since it is through her POV but I do need to think about the character of Moose and his history as former Toronto PD.

I've got an AU X-Files fic called "An Affair Together" based on a prompt from the [ profile] xf_pornbattle  in the works. I don't know when it'll see the light of day but right now it's one of the fics that gets worked on regularly.

I just heard a lovely song by A Fine Frenzy called "Almost Lover" that's giving me some Tracy/Vachon vibes. I need to listen to it about twenty thousand more times but I think the first verse, which is just over 1:30, could really lend itself to a post-"Ashes to Ashes" vidlet in which Tracy believes that Vachon skipped town.

I haven't been posting on Smallville but it's been all kinds of awesome. All the characters are really working wonderfully. Yeah Clark's entrance into the Daily Planet is kinda wonky but I love what the new showrunners are doing. You can see the show and the characters transitioning nicely into Superman.  And Lois...what's there to say about Lois that hasn't been said. Amazing barely captures her and what Erica Durance is doing.

Friday Night Lights is so utterly perfect that it's crazy. For me it's almost surpassing the brilliance of the first season which is pretty damn amazing in and of itself. I watch an episode and I feel like no time has gone by. The credits roll and I'm thinking, "What already?" and sure enough 45 minutes have gone by and I didn't even feel them. I'm that enthralled in the storytelling of this show. It's absolute brilliance.

And on the real life side... )

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This is just a drive by for FNL but OMG Tyra I love you. Don't ever change. You are strong and you can do anything you set your mind to.


"You're a rebound from Jesus", LOL

Julie really annoyed in a teenage sort of way.

Mrs. Coach in her new job is not that outlandish for small town Texas. I'm from a Texan town of less than 10,000 people and it's not that far off the mark for someone to be a counselor or a math teacher one year and move up the totem pole the next.

And Smash is totally gonna break my heart this year I know it.
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So for a few weeks I've had this post I was preparing full of vid recs for tons of fandoms. It had links and lots of commentary on why I loved them. It was under the saved draft thing that LJ does. But last week I had a total brain lapse and when I was prompted on whether I wanted to retrieve the draft I pressed cancel instead of yes. Doh! Sometimes I copy/paste the text onto a text document just in case but apparently I didn't in this case.

So this time around to avoid any accidental stupidity on my part I'm simply going to post this list of Vividcon recs and I'll add thoughts later on.

I've compiled this list from the helpful postings at the [community profile] vividcon community.


Special Death by [personal profile] kiki_miserychic

Doctor Who

Handlebars by [personal profile] flummery
Don't Give Up by [profile] millylicious
New Dawn Fades by [personal profile] obsessive24
Shut Up and Drive by [personal profile] laurashapiro

Friday Night Lights

Let the Sun Fall Down by [profile] chasarumba
New Slang by [personal profile] obsessive24

Gilmore Girls

Strength in You by [personal profile] heresluck

Gossip Girl

Into the Groove by [personal profile] darlulu


Try Not to Breathe by [profile] gwyn_r
Be Kind to My Mistakes by [personal profile] wolfling


Sorry  by [personal profile] darlulu


Woman's Work by [personal profile] sisabet and [profile] sockkpuppett


To Touch the Face of God  by [personal profile] destina
Girl 4 All Seasons by [profile] foomatic
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Drive by posting to give a major shout out to the participants of [community profile] femme_fic's "We Love Female Characters" ficathon.

I haven't had time to read a single story but I did quickly skim through the entries and there's a lot to pick from. On the Forever Knight front there are not one but two entries. How about that! That's awesome.

[personal profile] havocthecat has written a story centered around Natalie and Janette. Any story that gives Natalie and Janette dialog together is a winner but to have such a talented writer behind it makes it all the better. And it's set during the oh so great 1st season to boot.

[personal profile] brightknightie has delivered what is sure to be an outstanding piece of writing for Fleur and LaCroix. There's no one more skilled for these two characters  Hello! Amy wrote Fireweed. Need I say more.

Story Masterlist by Fandom.

Babylon 5 (1)
Battlestar Galactica (6)
Blood Ties (1)
Bones (2)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (6)
Charlie's Angels (1)
Charmed (3)
Chuck (1)
Dark Angel (1)
Doctor Who (1)
Farscape (1)
Firefly (6)
Forever Knight (2)
Friday Night Lights (1)
Gilmore Girls (1)
Harry Potter (2)
Heroes (6)
NCIS (8)
Sarah Connor Chronicles (1)
Stargate (6)
Star Trek (5)
Superman (1)
Supernatural (4)
Torchwood (2)
Women's Murder Club (2)
X-Men (2)
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Damages )

Moonlight )

Recent changes on the homefront means that we no longer have cable at home and instead have satellite. That mean no more CW or NBC and playing around with some bunny ears have given me little to no results. It looks like I'll be exploring alternative methods for acquiring Smalville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, and Journeyman. I have yet to see "Cure" from Smallville and that makes me very sad.

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