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So for a few weeks I've had this post I was preparing full of vid recs for tons of fandoms. It had links and lots of commentary on why I loved them. It was under the saved draft thing that LJ does. But last week I had a total brain lapse and when I was prompted on whether I wanted to retrieve the draft I pressed cancel instead of yes. Doh! Sometimes I copy/paste the text onto a text document just in case but apparently I didn't in this case.

So this time around to avoid any accidental stupidity on my part I'm simply going to post this list of Vividcon recs and I'll add thoughts later on.

I've compiled this list from the helpful postings at the [community profile] vividcon community.


Special Death by [personal profile] kiki_miserychic

Doctor Who

Handlebars by [personal profile] flummery
Don't Give Up by [profile] millylicious
New Dawn Fades by [personal profile] obsessive24
Shut Up and Drive by [personal profile] laurashapiro

Friday Night Lights

Let the Sun Fall Down by [profile] chasarumba
New Slang by [personal profile] obsessive24

Gilmore Girls

Strength in You by [personal profile] heresluck

Gossip Girl

Into the Groove by [personal profile] darlulu


Try Not to Breathe by [profile] gwyn_r
Be Kind to My Mistakes by [personal profile] wolfling


Sorry  by [personal profile] darlulu


Woman's Work by [personal profile] sisabet and [profile] sockkpuppett


To Touch the Face of God  by [personal profile] destina
Girl 4 All Seasons by [profile] foomatic
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TrueMyth over at the X-Files TWOP forum posted a link to this and I simply had to share here. It's a deleted scene from The X-Files pilot and I swear this looks news. It's got a baby Gillian Anderson (24 years old) as Scully lecturing students at the FBI Academy in Quantico. She is so cute but her students look older than she is. I must check my DVDs.

Another holdover from the IWTB press is this anecdote from British comedian and Shaun of the Dead actor Simon Pegg's blog. Pegg appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman the same day Gillian did.
Got into the Bowery Hotel, showered, went out and bought a shirt, met up with my friend Tony, then went to The Ed Sullivan Theatre. Got to my dressing room to find a message from Gillian Anderson scrawled on my mirror in lipstick: PEGG - I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE NOT COMING TO MY FILM. DIE SCUMBAG!!! - DANA. I was supposed to be going to the X-Files premiere when I got home but couldn't go because we had friends from LA getting in that day for Nick's wedding on Friday.

To quote Mulder in "Bad Blood", "Dana!?" How hilarious is she. I guess taken out of context it seems downright rude but this is so Gillian. Simon Pegg stared in the cult British series Spaced back in the late 90s and his character had a well documented crush on Gillian and Scully. He also happens to be a big fan of the show.  Flashforward a couple of years later and Pegg is sharing scenes with Gillian in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, which is due out in October. Someone lets Gillian know about the history between Pegg and her XF alter ego and it's all embarrassing, awkward, and very funny. Gillian's ribbing is extended fun from their time on the movie together.


In other fandom bits, Cutthroat Business one of my Forever Knight stories has been nominated in two categories over at the [profile] forsaken_fandom awards. That is way cool. A great big thanks to the person who nominated me.

I almost bought the Gossip Girl DVD yesterday but I held off. I'm still trying to decide on which X-Files iPod to get so I'm keeping my wallet closed as much as possible.

And lastly, CW  has yet to release any promotional material for Smallville. It was rumored by people in the know that images were going to be released this week but they didn't. Come one CW! It's been too long since I've seen new Smallville stuff and the premiere is September 18th .


IWTB Domestic Box Office Total: $20.5 million as of Thursday, August 21st.
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I've been browsing a couple of journals and f-lists and I've noticed quite a proliferation of femslash posts. Apparently Saturday was International Day of Femslash and I missed it. I'm not really a slasher but I have been known to enjoy the occasional femslash offering. So in albeit late honor of the event, here are a few of the femslash fan creations that I've really enjoyed. A handful are explicit but most are very subtle and merely suggest.

Forever Knight

[fic] What Makes a Mortal Interesting by [profile] dknightshade  

I could probably count on one hand the number of FK femslash fics I've come across. So it was rather unchartered territory when I came across this particular story and the suggestion of potential Natalie/Janette in the wake of  "A More Permanent Hell." The sensuality and fluidity of Janette's gestures are perfectly captured, as is Natalie's fascination with the world of the vampire. It's a great read which builds wonderfully, for me anyway, from the delicious amount of tension between the two women from earlier in the season in "Faithful Followers".

[fic] untitled crossover, Kate/Fleur by [personal profile] havocthecat  

I'm unfamiliar with Stargate: Atlantis but I am aware that actress Claire Rankin, who played Fleur on FK, played a a recurring character on the series. Given the different natures of the characters' time, at first glance a crossover seemed unlikely but the premise is really inspired. The details in this story are wonderful and anything that further explores Fleur is always much appreciated. This story doesn't disappoint.

Gossip Girl

[fic] Guilt by Association by [profile] gespawcho  

This is just hot. Plain and simple. I love the glimpses of S and B in the future.

[fic] In Bloom by [profile] jengrrrl   

This is Blair and Serena the girlfriends, not the enemies. Everything between them is so casual and seemingly effortless even as Blair begins to embrace Serena's penchant for spontaneity.

[fic] Shed by [profile] jengrrrl   

So much perfection in so few words.


[fic]The First Kiss by [personal profile] pervyficgirl   

This story isn't long but it's potent. I love how through the different encounters Adora has had with the women in the Rebellion, it is simultaneously telling us the story of their quest for freedom. It's both beautiful and bittersweet.

[fic]The Death of Myth-making by [profile] jengrrrl  

It's hard to pinpoint what exactly it is about this story that I adore. The Masters of the Universe world has the misfortune of being mostly remembered as an 80s cartoon and therefore given very little regard. This story gives the reader a disciplined, complex view of the Horde, Etheria and all the characters that inhabit it. This story is a prime example of what the fandom, at its finest, can produce.  


[vid] Faster Kill Pussycat by [personal profile] talitha78   

I've mentioned that I'm not much of a slasher but this video really made me sit up and take notice. I love everything about it. The song choice is wonderfully pulsating and sexy and the clip selection and editing compliment each other perfectly. Also available to stream at youtube

[fic] Seule et Amoureuse by [personal profile] mskatej  

One thing about Smallville fandom is that there isn't much Lana fic. Sure there's Clana and Lexana fic or stories in which Lana is Clark's whiny girlfriend or the scorned ex. However stories in which Lana is the main protagonist are sorely lacking.  Then along comes [personal profile] mskatej with this sexy, provocative, and insightful character study through porn. Every encounter tells us more about the person Lana is, not the person people choose to see her as. This is a highly recommended read. It's also one of my all time favorite Smallville fics.
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The DVD release date for Life has been set for September 2. This sucker is totally priced to own with a SRP of $29.98 so I'm figuring a store price of around $25. Perhaps the price per episode comes out a bit high but if I enjoy this show as much as I'm anticipating who cares. Hopefully all the music remains intact but with its low SRP I have my doubts.  Hopefully they're unfounded because one of the biggest selling points for me about Life is its killer soundtrack.


The DVD release date for Smallville season 7 has been set for the following week on September 9th. I'm both excited and scared for that release. There are certain episodes that I'm very excited to see but I'm really not looking forward to the Lois/Grant story arc that pretty much went no where and has given Lois naysayers yet another reason to trash her. I understand what it's purpose was for but from what I gather from other fans the execution was quite lacking.


The season 2 DVDs of Torchwood have also been announced for September 16. Nice cover but way out of my price range. It's the same reason why I haven't even thought about purchasing the 1st season, which I've yet to watch. I've enjoyed the show but not enough to pay that much for 13 episodes.

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When it comes to new TV shows I tend to have this rule. I rarely watch a series in its first outing and it isn't until a second or third season that I check out shows that had struck me as interesting and have somehow managed to make it through the network television gauntlet.

The X-Files--middle of its 5th season.
Smallville--middle of its 5th season.
Supernatural--reruns of the 1st season in preparation for season 2.
Six Feet Under--3rd season
Ally McBeal--3rd season
Roswell--2nd season
Homicide: Life on the Streets--4th season
Gilmore Girls --6th season
Veronica Mars--3rd season

Of course there are exceptions to that rule. I was there for the very beginnings of Deadwood and Rome (both on HBO), Friday Night Lights on NBC, Millennium on Fox, and this season's Damages on FX. However as a general rule and as a means of protecting myself from getting too attached to a series that probably won't even make it past their 3rd episode, I generally choose to stay away. Sure I follow the media buzz surrounding those shows that I'm interested in but I always stay a safe distance away. Pre-launch buzz doesn't always translate into ratings. Can you say Bionic Woman, because I can.

However this season I deviated from the very plan that had always worked so well for me. My theory is that the shows that appealed to me reminded me of shows that are near and dear to my heart.

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Damages )

Moonlight )

Recent changes on the homefront means that we no longer have cable at home and instead have satellite. That mean no more CW or NBC and playing around with some bunny ears have given me little to no results. It looks like I'll be exploring alternative methods for acquiring Smalville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, and Journeyman. I have yet to see "Cure" from Smallville and that makes me very sad.

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