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fandom: forever knight
category: AU-ish
rating: PG-13
author’s note: Happy Canada Day! This is a tiny excerpt from a much, much larger story I started back in 2008 or so. All you gotta know is that Nick's human. Don't ask me how. It just came about. Maybe he stumbled upon a four leaf clover or a Jinn or something.
word count: 748
disclaimer: they don’t belong to me, no money is being made. I’m only borrowing them.

summary: Nick and Natalie celebrate Canada Day...sort of

The air outside is warm and the view of the harbor from the roof of his building is unobstructed. Recently building contractors have been sniffing around looking for prime real estate to develop and for the moment the neighborhood is devoid of construction cranes and makeshift protected sidewalks. Now if only Natalie would decide to grace him with her presence. She’s on night shift rotation again and Nick is hoping that she’s able to trade off the rest of her shift before tonight’s festivities begin.

The sound of the garage opening down below announces Natalie’s arrival home as Nick takes another sip from his beer. Wine just doesn’t seem appropriate for a summer night outside with the woman he loves and a Canada Day light show compliments of the city of Toronto. It’ll only be a matter of minutes before she finds his note downstairs alerting her to his whereabouts. The minutes tick by slowly for Nick before the rooftop door finally opens and she emerges still dressed from work but also bearing a bowl of popcorn.

“You made it,” Nick says, stating the obvious.

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they're gonna eat us alive
by abby

category: AU, Crossover (sort of)
rating: G
author’s note: created for Prompts in Panem challenge 2012 on Tumblr (Round 2: AU Week--Other Worlds)
word count: 2274
disclaimer: they don’t belong to me, no money is being made. I’m only borrowing them. The Hunger Games was created by Suzanne Collins
story began: October 2012
story finished: October 2012

summary: Special Agent Katniss Everdeen has never been closer to discovering the reason behind her sister’s disappearance when Agent Peeta Mellark is assigned to keep an eye on her investigations into the strange and unexplained.

The photograph--an afternoon of play--shows her little sister forever frozen at eight years old. Twin blonde braids gleaming in the sun. )
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five facets of a metro homicide detective
by abby82

prompt: [Forever Knight] Tracy Vetter—Nick Knight
rating: G
word count: 5066
author’s note: written for [personal profile] bop_radar 's character study challenge on livejournal; thanks to [ profile] brightknightie for her excellent beta skills and observations, mistakes that remain are entirely mine.
disclaimer: they don’t belong to me, no money is being made. I’m only borrowing them. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott & Barney Cohen.
story began: October 2007
story finished: October 2009

summary: nick knight, through the eyes of tracy vetter

Nick Knight: partner...supercop...commitment-phobic...criminal...vampire )
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perchance to dream: ghost song
by abby

category: AU
rating: R for mild sexual situations
author’s note: a series of short scenes that take place in the "Curiouser & Curiouser" unreality; originally intended for "Twisting the Twilight Zone Challenge 2009" but I got sidetracked
word count: 1579
disclaimer: they don’t belong to me, no money is being made. I’m only borrowing them. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott & Barney Cohen.
story began: March 2009
story finished: May 2009

summary: a marriage, an affair and a baby on the way

He didn't just abandon his wife Nick assures himself, because to admit that is to make it true. )
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change upon us
by abby

category: post “Ashes to Ashes”
rating: G
author’s note: written for the Fic Drought NNFic challenge at the NNFic Yahoo! Group
word count: 3056
disclaimer: they don’t belong to me, no money is being made. I’m only borrowing them. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott & Barney Cohen.
story began and finished: March 2009

summary: Change had been playing catch up with Nick and Natalie for some time now. Perhaps it was about to overtake them.

His voice was low and intimate. Like he was sharing a secret. )
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illusions of mortality
by abby

category: DarkNN, post-Last Knight
story prompt: [Forever Knight] Natalie/Nick, children
rating: R for sexual situations
disclaimer: I'm only borrowing them, no money is being made. Ownership lies elsewhere. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott & Barney Cohen.
author's note: written for [ profile] oxoniensis 's Porn Battle VII (The Seven Deadly Sins); this was a quickie and written in about a day, therefore it's not beta'd
word count: 1702
story began and finished: January 2009

Porn Battle post is here.

summary: Blood reveals even the most well hidden dreams.


The house is silent when Nick arrives home. )
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I didn't do one of these in 2007 which had 3 Forever Knight stories (1ficlet), 1 Smallville, and 1 Blood Ties dialogue exchange.

Any hey we haven't reached the mid point of January so I say this is still valid.

Fanfiction I wrote this year

What Would Happen [Forever Knight/Smallville, Natalie Lambert/Clark Kent]
When Fates Collide: Chapter 8--The Rebellion [Masters of the Universe, WIP]

Nacida y criada [The X-Files, Monica Reyes]
Crackerjack [The Border, Maggie Norton]
Cutthroat Business [Forever Knight, Janette]


Man Bites Dog [Smallville, Lois Lane]

Twenty-Five Minutes [Forever Knight, Captain Amanda Cohen]

Flight of the Imagination [Forever Knight, Nick/Nat]
Rogue Vampire [Forever Knight, Janette]

Total stories: 9 stories in five fandoms, 8 (whoa!) stories were in response to challenges

2008 Fanfiction meme )
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rogue vampire
by abby

missing scene for "Dark Knight: The Second Chapter"
story prompt: [Forever Knight] Janette & Alyce Hunter--Janette doesn't like uncontrolled converts in her town
rating: G
disclaimer: I'm only borrowing them, no money is being made. Ownership lies elsewhere. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott & Barney Cohen.
author's note: written for the[ profile] galpalficathon; a great big thanks to [ profile] brightknightie  who issued the prompt and who kindly took the time to beta  the story. It's a better story for all  her advice and thoughts.
word count: 2941
story began: October 2008
story finished: November 2008; modified--January 2009

summary: an unlikely fledgling vampire requires Janette's immediate attention

Rogue Vampire )
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flight of the imagination
by abby

category: pre-Dark Knight
prompt: Forever Knight, Nick/Natalie--trust
rating: NC-17 for sexual situations
word count: 4626
disclaimer: I'm only borrowing them, no money is being made. Ownership lies elsewhere. Forever Knight was created by Jim Parriott & Barney Cohen.
author's note: this story was originally intended for [ profile] oxoniensis ' porn battle V on livejournal back in January 2008 however I couldn't finish it in time; this story had a false start back in March 2008 when my two betas expressed confusion with the story, therefore I set it aside to gain some distance and perspective.
story began: January 2008
story finished: November 2008

summary: Reality or fantasy, which will help Nick Knight achieve mortality? 
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I've got a Forever Knight fic for the [ profile] galpalficathon in the works called "Rogue Vampire". The deadline is this Sunday so I'm really going to have to hop into overdrive so that it's somewhat presentable by then. I do like the progress I've made so it should be ready.

My Forever Knight [ profile] oldschoolfic Cohen story "Twenty Five Minutes" still needs to be tweaked before it makes an appearance at fkfic-l. I have looked at since it was first posted at the ficathon but not as seriously as I should. It works as it is but I do feel like its missing something that's identifiable as FK.  The problem lies in that Cohen could easily be replaced by some random named individual and it really wouldn't make much difference.

I've also committed myself to absolutely finishing my Tracy POV Forever Knight fic. It needs to be up by the end of the year. It's a self-imposed deadline.

I've been laying down some early exchanges for a Forever Knight/The Border crossover that I first thought about earlier in the year. It's really more of a Border story but the presence of Forever Knight's elements should be felt. I'm working mostly through Maggie's thought processes since it is through her POV but I do need to think about the character of Moose and his history as former Toronto PD.

I've got an AU X-Files fic called "An Affair Together" based on a prompt from the [ profile] xf_pornbattle  in the works. I don't know when it'll see the light of day but right now it's one of the fics that gets worked on regularly.

I just heard a lovely song by A Fine Frenzy called "Almost Lover" that's giving me some Tracy/Vachon vibes. I need to listen to it about twenty thousand more times but I think the first verse, which is just over 1:30, could really lend itself to a post-"Ashes to Ashes" vidlet in which Tracy believes that Vachon skipped town.

I haven't been posting on Smallville but it's been all kinds of awesome. All the characters are really working wonderfully. Yeah Clark's entrance into the Daily Planet is kinda wonky but I love what the new showrunners are doing. You can see the show and the characters transitioning nicely into Superman.  And Lois...what's there to say about Lois that hasn't been said. Amazing barely captures her and what Erica Durance is doing.

Friday Night Lights is so utterly perfect that it's crazy. For me it's almost surpassing the brilliance of the first season which is pretty damn amazing in and of itself. I watch an episode and I feel like no time has gone by. The credits roll and I'm thinking, "What already?" and sure enough 45 minutes have gone by and I didn't even feel them. I'm that enthralled in the storytelling of this show. It's absolute brilliance.

And on the real life side... )

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I finished the first draft of my Forever Knight Schanke vid. Yay me! It clocks in at 3 minutes and 20 seconds although I see it fluctuating 10-15 seconds in either direction. I cut the song down from 5 minutes 56 seconds and while I'm OK with the way the song ends I'm gonna see if I can try splicing it so that I can incorporate the song's original ending. I really don't think it'll go well but I'll give it the ol' college try.


I've almost finished my second go at the Forever Knight Nick/Nat fic from [personal profile] oxoniensis' porn battle back in January. Hopefully this time I don't leave my betas scratching their heads like I did back in February. And hey, the July porn battle is almost among us.


I was going through the print outs of all my in-the-works fic and surprise of surprises, it turns out that I wrote out a good chunk of my Journalism! Clark Smallville story but never included the additions to my computer file of the fic. What a pleasant surprise. Maybe there's hope for that fic yet.


Spoilers for season 8 of Smallville sound very promising, especially on the Clark front


Aren't they awesome? The promo comes courtesy of philater


This isn't really fandom but apparently an almost complete version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis has been found in an archive in Buenos Aires. With the exception of one scene the film is in its entirety. That's absolutely amazing and a wonderful discovery for all cinephiles.

Oh crud!

Jun. 14th, 2008 01:29 pm
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I didn't think it would happen this soon but apparently the 1Tetrabyte external hard drive I bought back in late March is now full.

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man bites dog
by abby

category: missing scene for "Sneeze"
rating: G
disclaimer: Lois don't belong to me, I'm only borrowing her; no money is being made.
author's note: this was originally written and posted sans betaing for medie's "Because We're Awesome" all about the girls challenge on livejournal; it has now been properly beta'd, slightly altered and purposely held back until svgurl's "Lois Love Week"; a thousand thanks to the betas of this story, Novice and briee from DI. They are both incredibly awesome and this story wouldn't be what it is without either one of them. The opening line and Lois' closing remark come courtesy of briee. Any errors that remain are mine.
prompt: Lois Lane--the Inquisitor

summary: one fantastical headline, a grouchy editor, and an aspiring journalist all in one room.

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cutthroat business
by abby

category: pre-series
rating: G
disclaimer: Janette doesn't belong to me, i'm only borrowing her; no money is being made
author's note: I think I'm incapable of accurately writing Janette, so this is me writing Janette but not; written for medie's "Because We're Awesome" all about the girls challenge on livejournal
prompt: [Forever Knight] Janette--business

summary: An unconventional evening for a Toronto realtor and his mysterious client. Origin story for a certain Toronto club.


She's late he thought miserably... )
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I whipped up a fic banner for my Forever Knight/Smallville crossover fic "What Would Happen". There's actually two versions. For the longest time I tried maniping an image of Tom Welling as Clark Kent alongside an image I have of Catherine Disher from a guest stint on Friday the 13th: The Series. However that never quite turned out well. Then Smallville kindly obliged by having Welling's Clark dress up as his future iconic self in the alternate future episode "Apocalypse". It would be criminal to have a fic with Clark and not have his handsome mug on the cover in some way. However there's still something not quite right about the positioning of his image. Unfortunately photoshop has decided to turn against me and for some reason I can't move any of my layers. Oh well, later when I'm not so tired I'll at least get the text off his face, lol. For now this'll do. That's why I'm primarily sticking to the Clark-less cover.

I've already added one to the appropriate post but I thought I'd give them their own post as well.

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The DVD release date for Life has been set for September 2. This sucker is totally priced to own with a SRP of $29.98 so I'm figuring a store price of around $25. Perhaps the price per episode comes out a bit high but if I enjoy this show as much as I'm anticipating who cares. Hopefully all the music remains intact but with its low SRP I have my doubts.  Hopefully they're unfounded because one of the biggest selling points for me about Life is its killer soundtrack.


The DVD release date for Smallville season 7 has been set for the following week on September 9th. I'm both excited and scared for that release. There are certain episodes that I'm very excited to see but I'm really not looking forward to the Lois/Grant story arc that pretty much went no where and has given Lois naysayers yet another reason to trash her. I understand what it's purpose was for but from what I gather from other fans the execution was quite lacking.


The season 2 DVDs of Torchwood have also been announced for September 16. Nice cover but way out of my price range. It's the same reason why I haven't even thought about purchasing the 1st season, which I've yet to watch. I've enjoyed the show but not enough to pay that much for 13 episodes.

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