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 "I called the number on his 'Wanted' site once, far from here. Just for fun."--Hannibal Lecter

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"I told him to leave, 'cause I wanted him to run. Because...because he...he was my friend. And because I wanted to run away with him."--Will Graham

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"Betrayal and forgiveness are best seen as something akin to falling in love"--Bedelia Du Maurier

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"Before we begin you must all be warned...nothing here is vegetarian. Bon appétit." -- Hannibal Lecter
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"What have you gotten yourself into, Bedelia?"--Hannibal Lecter

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"Here we are, a bunch of psychopaths helping each other out."--Freddie Lounds

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"You're the head of the Behavioral Science Unit, Jack. If you don't like my answers, get some of your own."--Will Graham

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“ night I leave the lights on in my little house. And ... walk across the flat fields. When I look back from a distance, the house is like a boat on the sea. It's really the only time I feel safe.”--Will Graham

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"I can undo what I said. I can also make it a lot worse."--Freddie Lounds

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"Killing must feel good to God too. He does it all the time."--Hannibal Lecter

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"Can I borrow your imagination?"--Jack Crawford


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Many moons ago, I came across The Newsroom, a Canadian CBC comedy on my local PBS station. It was late at night and even though I was fairly young the show made an impression on me. Coincidentally, it was around that same time that I discovered Forever Knight. However, unlike FK, I never got this series' name. A few years ago, while combing the net for other things a show description for The Newsroom rang familiar and lo and behold there was my long lost show. There was a first season, a TV movie, a second season (8 years later!), and a third season. I purchased the first season and the TV movie and while watching the first episode there was Lisa Ryder fresh off of Forever Knight.

Lisa Ryder did a four episode stint as Kris, a slightly dim and recently hired research assistant to George Findlay, a self-obsessed and politically incorrect news director in Toronto. Shot in a documentary style, The Newsroom is part The Larry Sanders Show and part Curb Your Enthusiasm. The characters squabble over parking spaces, lead anchors and the best way to pull in ratings while straddling the fine line between outright lying and reporting the news. I'm not much of a comedy person but I love this show's style.

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John Kapelos is our Forever Knight alum today on abby82 does a picspam and he's flexing his villain muscles on an episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Confession time--before I ever heard of The X-Files or Forever Knight I was a big fan of LnC.

LnC was the first primetime show I ever watched in real time and I was extremely devoted to it. That is until Teri Hatcher decided to chop off her hair two episodes into season 3. It was extremely traumatizing. Then the whole debacle that was season 3 happened and let's just say I stopped being as devoted. Even as a wee!fangirl I could tell crap when I saw it.

Thankfully, John Kapelos' guest appearance is in the highly enjoyable season 2. The episode "Lucky Leon" also has the distinction of being the episode in which Lois and Clark go on their first date and have their first non-undercover kiss. Ah, good times.

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I promised pics of my vacation for those who may be interested. However, I took so many pictures that I have to divide my posts by state. I'm starting with New Mexico, then proceeding with colorful Colorado and finally Texas. We also passed through the panhandle of Oklahoma (all 30 some odd miles of it) but it was my turn at the wheel so no pictures from that state.

This is not dial up friendly so consider yourself warned. :-)

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Cue the Atari-like font and synthesizer opening credits music because here comes The Vindicator aka Frankenstein '88! A B-grade action/horror movie shot in Montreal circa 1984 (according to the closing credits copyright) with Frankenstein themes and as is expected for its genre, has a very high body count. Our protagonist and title character, Carl, before he's turned into a walking, talking cyborg is a robotics engineer for NASA. He's living a pretty charmed life. His wife Lauren has just announced that she's pregnant. The only dark spot is that his NASA project budget is continually slashed and funneled into his superior's top secret project.  Carl raises hell and is therefore "accidentally" locked inside a reactor as it reaches a critical point. It blows and gives him the worst facial this side of your local strip mall beauty salon. A funeral ensues, mourning begins and then the fun begins. Insert sarcasm here. Carl's brain is kept alive by his killers for use in the top secret project, which consists of creating a cyborg for Mars exploration. Carl manages to escape but forgets to take the remote control that keeps the emotion of rage in control. I hate it when that happens. The scientists pursue, Carl kills almost everything he encounters, tries to contact Lauren, mercenaries lead by Foxy Brown herself, Pam Grier, get called in to capture Carl, and more people die. End of story.

Catherine Disher plays Catherine, Lauren's kooky, new agey and primary color clad best friend. In short, she's awesome and if you ask me there should have been an entire movie based on her character. Yeah I'm biased but she was that awesome.

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A little bit of Ghostbusters and a little bit of X-Files before there was an X-Files, Beyond Reality was a Canadian half hour series that focused on two university parapsychologists who would investigate cases of telekinesis, ghosts, etc . Basically all the stuff that would make Fox Mulder drool. The series was shot in Toronto so plenty of Toronto based actors made an appearance during it's two season reason.

Forever Knight fans will find a lot of familiar touches throughout. The series was scored by Fred Molin who memorably went on to work on Forever Knight. Beyond Reality is also on the filmography of FK producers Jon Slan and Richard Borchiver. Anyone else remember the Borchiver Award on "Can't Run, Can't Hide"? Costume designer Mary Partridge and Production Supervisor Noella Nesdoly are two other familiar names.

Today we look at Deborah Duchene's 1991 guest stint as the ghost of a young woman killed in a very tragic way. She had a run in with a choo choo train and she's returned to haunt the scene of her death and her very married and paralyzed lover, Nicholas Campbell of Da Vinci's Inquest fame. Writing credit for the episode goes to Marc Scott Zicree, who also wrote the season 2 Forever Knight episode "The Fire Inside" and three episodes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in the early 80s. Talk about fandoms colliding.

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