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This is like a week late but I've been busy and I haven't had time to post so, anyway, "Plastique". Well I certainly enjoyed it but mainly for the Lois/Clark interaction because I pretty much only skimmed the rest of the episode. I do think though that "Odyssey" was a better episode overall but "Plastique" was pretty solid.

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I haven't really posted on SV episodes since the third episode of season 7 namely because I no longer have CW. The internet does offer plenty of alternatives to remedy that but reading on others' journals about the progression of the season pretty much told me I wasn't missing much. However spoilers for season 8 have left me so completely excited that this time around I told myself that with or without CW I was going to get my hands on SV episodes. Throw in the news that Erica Durance's usual 13 episodes per season have been increased to an undetermined number and it's furthered my resolve.

Anticipation for "Odyssey" was very high for me. I do regret being as spoiled as I was, especially with the Lois/Clark clips CW released, because it reduced the surprise factor. That being said I was very pleased with the episode and the foundation that they laid for the season ahead.

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"So I'm no longer Ms. Crabby longer feel like giving the death stare at everbody around me...double yay...and I got to rewatch 'Fierce'!

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With each new episode I'm finding myself sitting on pins and needles for the next one. This anticipation is seriously not the best way to get through me week. Only two episodes in and Smallville continues to own my soul.


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The return of Smallville makes me so happy. Yeah there were a few beats that left me a bit off but all and all I was very happy with the premiere.



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