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Blu Mankuma apparently has a Facebook, and he gave a big honkin' Smallville spoiler on it. For some strange reason I find the fact that he has a Facebook so odd. I personally don't have a Facebook account so I can't see the page for myself but if anyone is interested in taking a's there.

Blu will be guesting in next Friday's episode (April 23rd) of Smallville as DC character Franklin Stern, a role that was played by James Earl Jones in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Kryptonsite, a popular Smallville site that broke the news even used a screenshot of Blu as Captain Reese in Forever Knight.
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After three seasons, the CBC drama The Border has been cancelled.

Ramblings on the series and actors )


Smallville has been renewed for a 10th season. Yep, that's right, a decade of Smallville. It will now surpass Stargate: SG-1 as the longest running sci-fi show in North America. I'm excited but that's shear craziness.


It appears that 24 will be ending its run after eight seasons.

It isn't official )
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My desktop is acting funky, so I've decided to back up my files. The Internet is also down on it so I'm posting from my netbook.

Smallvillle:  Absolute Justice, which was penned by comic great Geoff Johns and features the Justice Society of America will air tonight as a 2 hour movie.

Michael Shanks from Stargate guests as Hawk Man.

CW is hoping for a big event night, and hopefully stellar rating will help cement a season 10 for Smallville. Martian Manhunter (Phil Morris) as makes a return to the series after being MIA for a while. On the Justice Society of America side, look for Hawk Man, Dr. Fate, Stargirl and references to many other Society members.

Amanda Waller (Pam Grier) will make her first of several appearances.

Awesome Canadian trailer )
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A site called Sci-Fi TV Zone has a 12 minute audio interview with Geraint Wyn Davies.

In it he briefly discusses:
  • the format for his role in the Chiller Forever Knight marathon "it's casual and very tongue in cheek",
  • memories of the show "I remember laughing a lot" and "it was a joyful experience but it screwed up my sleep patterns for a couple of years",
  • his thoughts on Nick Knight "we invested a lot of humor in it as well as the hyper drama",
  • the shift in the show's tone in the 3rd season and how it affected the natural progression of Nick' character and the loss of John Kapelos and the Schanke character.
  • Classically trained actors and their ability to pull of vampires.
  • Recent but gone shows "one Canadian [Blood Ties] and one down here [Moonlight]" that took a page from the Forever Knight playbook,
  • The current vampire craze "That's what Forever Knight was, someone tossing a rock into the middle of the pond and now we're hitting the shore", and
  • his current Dylan Thomas one man play in NYC.

It was nice interview. I can't wait till Tuesday!

And lookey! The Smallville trailer for "Rabid" is the site's featured video. Yes the episode aired weeks ago but I really like it. Lois and Clark battle zombies!
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In no particular order because Smallville starts NOW. Squeeeeeeee!

1. Lois Lane. I heart Lois so much. When the show goes down to levels of suck I can always count on Lois to be its saving grace.

2.Clark Kent and his journey to become Superman. At its core, Smallville is the story of Clark Kent. Even though at times it's been two steps forward and three steps back, the entire series has been a joy simply for the opportunity of watching Clark grow into the man who will be Superman.

3. Clois. Season 8 showed us Lois falling for Clark. There were moments I wasn't exactly ecstatic about the way they were doing it but I hung in there. Now it's time to see Clark's side of the equation.

4. Because it's another season where Lois can don the undercover gear. What will she wear next? If I ever find a song I'd totally vid this.

5. Tom Welling and Erica Durance. They've been bringing it for years now but season 8 was so much fun because you could tell how much they were enjoying the material they were being given. After nine years for Tom and six for Erica, I'm happy they get to stretching their acting chops.

6. Tess Mercer. Who would have known that someone could admirably fill in the shoes of Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor. Cassidy Freeman is way awesome. She's a wonderful addition to the show.

7. Smallville is upping the ante. If spoilers are any indication then this season is full speed ahead and there will be little slowing down. No more stalling Clark because producers are unsure of network politics.

8. Clark is actively using the House of El symbol. We've seen it in various incarnations but now the Superman 'S' is on Clark's chest by his own choosing.

9. Nine seasons! That ties X-Files' nine seasons. Smallville is the longest running Superman related show ever and it's going to be a good long while before this record gets shattered.

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Anticipation is at an all time high and the Canadian channel Space has just released their trailer for the season 9 premiere of Smallville. It's all epicy and exciting. I don't know how I'll get through tomorrow. The footage comes courtesy of kiki39 and chumpy from Divine Intervention.

video grab is spoilery )
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Two more days until the season 9 premiere of  Smallville!

The show's been pretty much Lexless so walk down memory lane with this expertly crafted vid that explores the Clark and Lex relationship complete with comic book motifs.

"Intergalactic Friends" by [ profile] bananainpyjamas

"Just remember me when." Clark & Lex.
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Smallville season 9 premiere this Friday. Just doing my part to get the word out. :-)

"Velvet Revolution" (Tess Mercer) by [ profile] talitha78
The bomb of the season is a velvet revolution.

"James Bonde" (Kara) by [ profile] talitha78
Kara Zor-El: Super-cool Kryptonian cousin.
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Smallville season 9 premieres this Friday. There is much excitement in the air. Nine season is unreal. That equals the nine seasons of X-Files. How do you like them apples? The plan is to post something SV related (probably recs) for the rest of the week in celebration.

Right now I'm thinking mostly season 8 stuff but I don't think that I'm going to hold myself to that.

Season 9 promo: Vigilante

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Livejournal apparently hates me. I've been trying to do this massive XF fic rec post and LJ keeps screwing up the format. Not even editing it down in html is working. It's seriously annoying. While doing that I've parked myself over at DI and various other sites to get the lowdown on Smallville's Comic Con panel. The preview clips are supposed to be amazing but the panel itself was a major let down. The fans asked some really inane questions.

Someone at DI posted this link to a fan review/rant and it sums up my thoughts exactly. Plus it's hilarious to boot.

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[ profile] matrithon [ profile] matrithon  is holding a ficathon to celebrate women the age of 40 or over and a few fandoms of interest have had prompts submitted. All the prompts can be found here. There's lots of good stuff. :-)

Blood Ties (Dr. Sagara)
DCU (Lois Lane)
Doctor Who (19 different characters)
Forever Knight (Janette)
Friday Night Lights (Tami Taylor)
Highlander and Highlander: The Raven (Rebecca, Amanda, Lucy Becker)
Homicde: Life on the Street (Megan Russert)
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (Martha Kent)
Rome (Atia, Servila)
Sarah Jane Adventures (Sarah Jane)
Slings & Arrows (Ellen Fanshawe)
Smallville (Genevieve Teague, Martha Kent)
Stargate Atlantis (Elizabeth Weir,Teyla Emmagan, Samantha Carter)
Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles (Sarah Connor)
X-Files (Margaret Scully, Teena Mulder)

Prompt claiming runs till July 31st. Fic, art and vids will be accept to satisfy the prompts. Fic should be a minimum of 500 words. Posting dates will run from September 7 - October 5. Rules can be found here.
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I came across the First Annual Femslash Kink meme over at dw via a post by [ profile] havocthecat . I meant to scan only a few pages mainly because I didn't expect to find anything of interest. However, when I saw Natalie/Janette listed as a sample request I simply had to scan all the comments. Nothing popped up but I did leave two rather tame prompts. One was Janette/Natalie for Forever Knight and the second was Lois/Tess for Smallville.

Less than two hours later there was a wonderful, sexy AU ficlet featuring Janette and Natalie. Heaps of praise should be laid at the author's

Posts should be made anonymously and it will run through midnight on July 18th.


Pride, Prejudice & Jimmy Choos by sunrei -- a hilarious Smallville AU WIP that envisions Lois as a Hannah Montana pop princess named Lola Dakota. After a missed Good Morning, America concert, she is banished to the town of Smallville. Hilarity ensues. This has got some of the cleverist and snappiest dialogue I've read in a while. Sunrei hits another home run with this one.


I was visiting the site of Prufrock's Love X-FIles fic and while there I got suckered into re-reading an old favorite, the historical AU Paracelsus. This might be old news but there are some new additions sprinkled throughout the story. I haven't checked the other stories because I know that once I start I'll have to finish them. Besides, with three ficathons coming up for me, I should be writing not reading.

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Mwah ha. The computer is mine once more! Even if I have to get up at 5am on a Sunday to get a turn.

Everyone at home is on vacation, except for me, so there's been little computer time for me. Some interesting things I've come across while catching up.

Murdoch Mysteries has been sold domestically and will air on select PBS stations starting June 30th .Yay! It's a fun show and hey lots of crossover fic potential with Forever Knight. Julia is a professional precursor to Natalie )

Being Erica has begun filming their 2nd season. More yay!

BBC America has announced the premiere date for Being Human. It will premiere on July 25th. I can't wait to check it out.

The full trailer for Torchwood: Children of Earth is up at BBC America. It premieres July 20th.

Vanity Fair has a wonderful pictorial in which actors are given three scenarios and a photograph is taken of them expressing the topic. They're all fantastic. )

I posted six reviews of Geraint Wyn Davies at [ profile] geraint_fans  of his performance as King Duncan in the Stratford production of MacBeth. Colm Feore plays the title role.

Television Without Pity offers their suggestions on five kids properties to cross to the big screen along with casting recommendations. Sign me up for almost all of these. )

Television Without Pity also suggests 13 TV shows that should get a reboot. Reboots both scare and intrigue me. )

ChillerTV was having a mini marathon of Polgergeist: The Legacy later episodes last weekend. Forever Knight's Kristin Lehman (Urs) had already joined the cast. So that's where Michael Sadowski ended up. )

I watched the pilot episode of The Listener on NBC, the latest Canadian import. Unfortunately, it was a little on the drab side. Former Forever Knight writers on staff )

The New York Times has an article about Canadian TV and the current crop of foreign coproductions. The Newsroom and Slings & Arrows mentions )

The Smallville season 8 DVD cover will be Clark and Lois in front of the Daily Planet logo. Very pretty. They did their usual red and blue color scheme on the wardrobe even though it's not what they were wearing. It'll be released August 25th.

Warner Bros. has released the official trailer for Smallville season 8 on DVD and boy is that thing not only NOT advertising season 8 but )


And lastly, I came across the official White House Flickr account. Lots of great photographs.

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Porn Battle VII (The Seven Deadly Sins) has come and gone so here are a few recs I found particularly enjoyable.

Life with Derek )The Little Mermaid )

Nancy Drew Mysteries )

Smallville )

The X-Files )

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Smallville I love you. Have I mentioned that before? Because if I haven't I do. I love Lois, I love Clark, I love Tom, I love Erica and I especially love Bryan Q. Miller. I want to bake him a cake!

911, the acoustics, the rules, the maintenance, the blouse

Smallville I really do love you

--signed abby82

p.s. call me!

WIP meme

Mar. 4th, 2009 12:21 am
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Post a single line extract from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations, no more than one line.

From oldest to most recent:

1. "I'm what's standing between you and Eternia. Turn around, Adora. Go home, to Etheria. There's nothing for you here."

2. "Horde supplies have been increased two fold in the last week--machinery, manpower, and they've begun clearing the land. Tell us something we don't already know. Something we can use."

3. To this day he couldn't seem to understand how, he, at the age of 18, knew it was love and not just indigestion.

4. Lois strummed her fingers on the steering wheel. "So what, hang a left at Alpha Centauri and continue on past planet Vulcan?" She couldn't help it. This situation was so bizarre that she'd laugh if she wasn't experiencing it first hand.

5. Natalie had wanted to watch the Jay’s playoff game with Nick on TV but what she found instead was the landing just outside the elevator littered with old newspapers, motorcycle parts, grease, and one filthy vampire.

Natalie hadn’t touched the cigarettes since that day in the hospital garden, but she’d occasionally take them out, lay them on the bed and just look at them.

7. For the third time since his arrival the squeaky wheels of a janitor’s cart broke the near silence around him.

8. "Oh sweetie I'm sorry about that. I'd kind of had an ulterior motive with the gift. I had invited Detective Knight to the party and I was hoping he'd be around when you opened your present. Kind of a subtle but not so subtle hint for the man."

9. "You're looking at it Smallville...well, it's still a work in progress but once it gets to print, it'll be a real page turner."

10. "I've been up for 36 hours straight Nick. Find someone else to play with," Nick heard Natalie's muffled voice plea and then yet again, he found himself rounding the edge of her bed.

11. "Finally! What gives Smallville? I call you up to wish you a happy birthday and you don't even have the common courtesy to answer. That's enough to make me reconsider the birthday wishes currently lying at the tip of my tongue."

12. "He's not like me, right? He's someone you can bring home to mother."

13. "'Ridiculed'?" Barbara did little to hide the incredulity in her voice. "Maggie, if I remember correctly, back then you wanted to draw blood."
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Feeling a bit icky this morning so I called in sick. However now I'm feeling better (medicine finally kicked in) so I'll be heading in after lunch.

24 was all kinds of awesome last night, especially the second hour. It's been a great season but last night really upped the stakes. Can't wait for the next episode.

"Infamous" still were finally released and they are gorgeous. They're up at K-site. This one is my favorite. I'm so getting an icon once the episode passes. I don't want in inadvertedly spoil someone. The sunlight streaming in behind Clark is amazing.
Cut for spoilerly SV pic )

Drive by vid rec for [ profile] kiki_miserychic's SGA vid Fiddle and the Drum. Stunning doesn't even begin to describe it..the song selection, the editing, the clips used. I don't even watch SGA but this vid is just so captivating that I want to know more. It's a John Shepherd character vid. Breathtaking.

So after watching that vid I'm even more tempted to set my Nick/Nat vid aside yet again in favor of a Nick vid. Not the Moby song vid but perhaps Johnny Cash or even the Mirah song but I won't. After the intenseness of Burn I need happiness and fun and that's Nick/Nat not Nick contemplating his "beast" or all the people he lost. That's a major downer.

Therefore I'm spending the rest of my morning clipping season 2 Nick/Nat cuteness. Then it's off to work.

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