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After three seasons, the CBC drama The Border has been cancelled.

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Smallville has been renewed for a 10th season. Yep, that's right, a decade of Smallville. It will now surpass Stargate: SG-1 as the longest running sci-fi show in North America. I'm excited but that's shear craziness.


It appears that 24 will be ending its run after eight seasons.

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Drive by post before I'm late for work.

Blood Ties comes to DVD sometime in June. Now I can finally see the last half of the season (no Lifetime, not season 2).

Press release is here.

Pre-sale at amazon for $18.99.

Now someone bring New Amsterdam and Journeyman to DVD and I'll be very, very happy.
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I can't believe I was actually able to make a gif. ::beams:: I'm very excited. Since I've been playing around with icons, especially Forever Knight, I like the possibilities that animated gifs open up icon wise. This experiment is a rather impractical length and size for an icon but right now who cares.

For my maiden attempt I decided to animate the Nick/Nat scene from the tag of "Dark Knight: The Second Chapter" in which Nick and Natalie discuss the possibilities of Nick becoming human again. Nick does this ultra adorable swing and a hug around Natalie.

NICK: Do you think you can really bring me back over?
NATALIE: Well, all we can do is keep trying.

Aside from being ultra cute... )

I watched the premiere of Crusoe tonight. )

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When it comes to new TV shows I tend to have this rule. I rarely watch a series in its first outing and it isn't until a second or third season that I check out shows that had struck me as interesting and have somehow managed to make it through the network television gauntlet.

The X-Files--middle of its 5th season.
Smallville--middle of its 5th season.
Supernatural--reruns of the 1st season in preparation for season 2.
Six Feet Under--3rd season
Ally McBeal--3rd season
Roswell--2nd season
Homicide: Life on the Streets--4th season
Gilmore Girls --6th season
Veronica Mars--3rd season

Of course there are exceptions to that rule. I was there for the very beginnings of Deadwood and Rome (both on HBO), Friday Night Lights on NBC, Millennium on Fox, and this season's Damages on FX. However as a general rule and as a means of protecting myself from getting too attached to a series that probably won't even make it past their 3rd episode, I generally choose to stay away. Sure I follow the media buzz surrounding those shows that I'm interested in but I always stay a safe distance away. Pre-launch buzz doesn't always translate into ratings. Can you say Bionic Woman, because I can.

However this season I deviated from the very plan that had always worked so well for me. My theory is that the shows that appealed to me reminded me of shows that are near and dear to my heart.

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So the CBC up in Canada is starting their midseason slew of show soon and one of them features the return of Catherine Disher back to tv. At first glance The Border looks like a 24 knockoff or at the very least like another one of those shows the premiered after 24 took off like The Agency. 13 episodes have already been shot to complete their first season. Ratings will tell whether or not they get a second. The trailer sure does give off that vibe but in reading some of the comments by one of the writers it might have a 24 look and be paced just like the Kiefer Sutherland adrenaline rush it will also deal with issues beyond those of 24's.

So I was checking out the official website to see if anymore goodies had been added and I wasn't  disappointed. Catherine Disher has been added to the flash intro featuring the main characters which is full of awesomeness but that wasn't the only surprise. Nigel Bennett (who I thought was only going to be making guest appearances) has been added as well. What has totally made my day is that both of their images are right next to each other.

It also looks like the CBC is going to making the episodes available online so those of us outside of Canada will be able to watch. That makes me very happy indeed. I'm very excited for this. I can't wait. Hopefully Nigel and Catherine will have scenes together. Their scenes together in Forever Knight were so few but the handful of times they were together they were very powerful. Given the different agencies their characters work for and the different mentalities they have any scenes if any will be filled with animosity. Bring it on!

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My tv viewing has been chopped in half now because DirecTV doesn't carry all the local channels. I no longer have NBC (bye bye Journeyman) and CW (adios Smallville, Supernatural, and Gossip Girl) so I'm drowning my sorrows by reading fic. I've tried watching on youtube and on the network video players but it's just not the same.

But now on to the recs and its theme day boys and girls:

Smallville recs (futurefic) )

The prose is wonderful, as is the imagery. I can't decide what snapshot is my favorite because they're all perfect but the last one breaks my heart.  ::hugs Lex::

"First Against the Wall" by

[personal profile] extrasolar

extrasolar has a wonderful knack for sucking you into the story.  This WIP story picks up two years after the events currently unfolding in season 7 just after Lois has broken the Belle Reve story. The level of antagonism that is present in the DP newsroom falls in line nicely with some of the comments that have been going around SV fandom concerning Lois and her entrance into the DP, namely that she's a no talent bimbo who was handed a job based on her looks. Not true says I but I like that the Lois naysayers in the story have to swallow their words in the face of her genuinely kickass work as a journalist.

"In Reverse" by

[personal profile] thedeadparrot

Lois, Clark, Superman, secret identities, and Clois flirting all wrapped up in this futurefic story. Kudos for the use of the Clark travels the world storyline from Superman:Birthright. If Smallville goes this route rather than the Clark trains in the Fortress of Solitude for years like in the Richard Donner films I will be one happy fan.

And for a rec withing a rec if you're a member of Divine Intervention do a search for "Logic Will Break Your Heart" in the serial fanfiction section. It's Clois futurefic with strong parallels to John Le Carre's The Constant Gardener. Only 5 parts to this WIP were ever posted and from what I can see only DI received it. It's in none of parrot's websites. It might have been abandoned but what was written set up what I'm sure would have been an exciting story.

"The Elevator Factor" by mykella.

Lois, Clark, and the privacy of an elevator ride. This one's hot and it leaves you wanting more.

 "When First We Met" by Smallvillian.

I'm gonna cheat and break from the futurefic theme with this story which unfolds the past rather than the future.

I stumbled upon this story accidentally and boy am I glad I did. The love story between Jonathan and Martha has never been more real to me then in this story. It saddens me that this story has apparently been abandoned but 19 chapters does a wonderful job of exploring the obstacles that a small town guy from Smallville and a city girl from Metropolis face and eventually overcome.

Forever Knight (Dark NN or Nat as a vamp) )Crossover fic with Angel which I never saw but previous knowledge wasn't necessary. I like the visual of Nick and Nat happy and in love even if they're both vampires. Yay that Natalie is apparently letting her feminine and sexy side out with Nick. Also 3rd POV fics are a guilty pleasure of mine so that's another thing this fic has going for it. The differences in vampires in Whedonverse and Forever Knight was also nicely handled.

"For I Have Sinned/Love You to Death" by imajiru

Another solid story by imajiru. I'm sure you can tell I'm a fan. This story gives Nick his mortality and then jerks it away in one of the cruelest ways possible--Natalie. What follows takes the reader down a path that requires Nick and Natalie to come to terms with the decisions they make and their consequences. Natalie will feel Nick's wrath and she will suffer because of it. The new existence they find each other in over the years is marked with detachment, bouts of comfort, and eventual emotional distance. Nick's love of all things mortal manifests once more and it's a bitter pill to swallow that Natalie can no longer be on the receiving end of that reverence. LaCroix figures prominently in the second story as a concerned father figure who only wants the best for his "children".

"Further to Fall" by

[profile] wiliqueen

For an early season 1 story the characterizations are spot on. That's a testament to both the quality of the writer and the writers on the show. Paul makes an interesting foil from Nick's past and the flashback scene with LaCroix choosing to punish Janette because of Nick's disobedience is nicely done. And although not a romantic relationship the Nick/Nat factor was high and firmly based on their friendship and need for each other.

"Last Minutes" by Amy R.

This one is hot off the presses. It recently popped up in the my inbox compliments of FKFIC-L and Amy as usual doesn't disappoint. With this story she asks the question what kind of existence would Natalie have if she was forced to face eternity alone without Nick, knowing that she can't follow him. This fic has a really great ironic twist in that the one thing that made it possible for Natalie to be allowed into Nick's vampire world as a spectator is the one thing that traps her in it forever. Over a decade since FK went off the air and wonderful fic is still being produced. Kudos!

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Damages )

Moonlight )

Recent changes on the homefront means that we no longer have cable at home and instead have satellite. That mean no more CW or NBC and playing around with some bunny ears have given me little to no results. It looks like I'll be exploring alternative methods for acquiring Smalville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, and Journeyman. I have yet to see "Cure" from Smallville and that makes me very sad.
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Texas plays OU today so I'll post on Smallville later after my poor Longhorns sad...but first I already posted some thoughts on Moonlight's second episode elsewhere so I figured I'd elaborate on them here.

Ok so the second episode of Moonlight wasn't exactly the worst thing ever, it did improve over the pilot, but there are still things about it that annoy.

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