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Count' em up! 20 different vid recs for [personal profile] svgurl  's Lois Love Week. These are a couple of my favorite Lois Lane, Erica Durance, Clark/Lois, and some miscellaneous videos.

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Title: Do I Look Good in This? The Lois Lane Edition
Artist: unknown
Vidder: Abby82
Fandom: Smallville
Character: Lois Lane
38 seconds
YouTube or at Sendspace (28MB)
Notes: Even her sometimes questionable fashion taste cannot stop the awesomeness that is Lois Lane on Smallville. This is a celebration of Lois Lane and all her curious quirks. Created for [personal profile] svgurl's Lois Love Week.
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man bites dog
by abby

category: missing scene for "Sneeze"
rating: G
disclaimer: Lois don't belong to me, I'm only borrowing her; no money is being made.
author's note: this was originally written and posted sans betaing for medie's "Because We're Awesome" all about the girls challenge on livejournal; it has now been properly beta'd, slightly altered and purposely held back until svgurl's "Lois Love Week"; a thousand thanks to the betas of this story, Novice and briee from DI. They are both incredibly awesome and this story wouldn't be what it is without either one of them. The opening line and Lois' closing remark come courtesy of briee. Any errors that remain are mine.
prompt: Lois Lane--the Inquisitor

summary: one fantastical headline, a grouchy editor, and an aspiring journalist all in one room.

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