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My still relatively new external hard drive has decided to kick the bucket...sort of.

cut for my tale of woe and cupcakes )
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I had a Byers morning today. At the office we had committed ourselves to a local high school career fair. A co-worker and I were supposed to attend but at the last the co-worker had a family thing that couldn't wait so I went alone.  It was kinda sad. There wasn't much of a showing in my section so lots of empty tables and unfortunately budget constraints kept us from having a lot of freebies on hand. The other tables had tons of swag. I had some serious swag envy.

I didn't have buttons like Byers but I did have personalized post-its.  And of course I also had my sparkling personality. ;-) I, however, wasn't as cheerful as Byers. I gave my usual spiel and modified it depending on the type of kids that showed up but mostly they were going through the motions. I guess because it's been less than 10 years since I graduated high school we're still on the same wavelength and we reached some unspoken understanding. You have to be here and I have to be here so let's make this as painless as possible.

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I've got a Forever Knight fic for the [ profile] galpalficathon in the works called "Rogue Vampire". The deadline is this Sunday so I'm really going to have to hop into overdrive so that it's somewhat presentable by then. I do like the progress I've made so it should be ready.

My Forever Knight [ profile] oldschoolfic Cohen story "Twenty Five Minutes" still needs to be tweaked before it makes an appearance at fkfic-l. I have looked at since it was first posted at the ficathon but not as seriously as I should. It works as it is but I do feel like its missing something that's identifiable as FK.  The problem lies in that Cohen could easily be replaced by some random named individual and it really wouldn't make much difference.

I've also committed myself to absolutely finishing my Tracy POV Forever Knight fic. It needs to be up by the end of the year. It's a self-imposed deadline.

I've been laying down some early exchanges for a Forever Knight/The Border crossover that I first thought about earlier in the year. It's really more of a Border story but the presence of Forever Knight's elements should be felt. I'm working mostly through Maggie's thought processes since it is through her POV but I do need to think about the character of Moose and his history as former Toronto PD.

I've got an AU X-Files fic called "An Affair Together" based on a prompt from the [ profile] xf_pornbattle  in the works. I don't know when it'll see the light of day but right now it's one of the fics that gets worked on regularly.

I just heard a lovely song by A Fine Frenzy called "Almost Lover" that's giving me some Tracy/Vachon vibes. I need to listen to it about twenty thousand more times but I think the first verse, which is just over 1:30, could really lend itself to a post-"Ashes to Ashes" vidlet in which Tracy believes that Vachon skipped town.

I haven't been posting on Smallville but it's been all kinds of awesome. All the characters are really working wonderfully. Yeah Clark's entrance into the Daily Planet is kinda wonky but I love what the new showrunners are doing. You can see the show and the characters transitioning nicely into Superman.  And Lois...what's there to say about Lois that hasn't been said. Amazing barely captures her and what Erica Durance is doing.

Friday Night Lights is so utterly perfect that it's crazy. For me it's almost surpassing the brilliance of the first season which is pretty damn amazing in and of itself. I watch an episode and I feel like no time has gone by. The credits roll and I'm thinking, "What already?" and sure enough 45 minutes have gone by and I didn't even feel them. I'm that enthralled in the storytelling of this show. It's absolute brilliance.

And on the real life side... )

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We haven't received any of Dolly's outer bands yet  but radar shows that the neighboring counties already have.  We're in the clear for now but by the time work comes around we should be getting some steady rain. Family and friends in the lower RGV are already getting pounded by wind and rain but they say everything is fine for now.

Dolly should make landfall by noon and one weather report sees it increasing to a Cat 2 with sustained winds of 96 mph. Right now it's at 95 mph. Hopefully not. I'm gonna bring the kitty in before I head off to work but I wonder whether I'll be able to leave afterwards. Looks like I'll either be stuck at work with everybody else or I'll be getting very wet.
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Hurricane a comin'. Well not quite yet but it's almost there. We're under an Inland Tropical Storm Warning so the next couple of days should be interesting. Really all we have to worry about are localized flooding and potential power outages. The threat of tornadoes makes me rather uncomfortable but I guess we'll see. Hopefully it's no worse than the microburst we had in the area a few months back. That caused some headaches locally and county wide.

No one in town is really doing any storm preparation as of yet but I will go over our non-perishables after work and fill in a couple of holes if I see any. We'll be fine up here but hopefully it won't get too nasty for those people down in the Valley. Some of those places, especially the lower income areas, are in extremely flood prone areas.

I am concerned about the paternal figures though. They headed off to Puerto Vallarta on a vacation tour via bus on Friday but they're expected back on Saturday. By then the remnants of the storm should be in Mexico but if it stalls in the mountains conditions might not be pretty. I certainly don't want my parents on a bus on a Mexican highway. I've never been on the Mexican highways but I just don't trust them. I've heard too many stories of poor maintenance and accidents.

I guess for now my plans to take Friday off and go see XF2 might be on hold. If there's a chance of flooding then why risk it. I know for certain that there are areas in the 50 mile stretch of highway that are prone to flooding. Mulder and Scully, I love you but you'll still be there Saturday which should be much better.

Oh crud!

Jun. 14th, 2008 01:29 pm
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I didn't think it would happen this soon but apparently the 1Tetrabyte external hard drive I bought back in late March is now full.

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I've been away from the computer for a bit so I've been neglectful of the LJ and the comments which I do plan on getting to. I'm not ignoring anyone.


I uploaded my first vid file online. The TV Guide Channel was running a special on returning favorites and they had a small segment featuring some behind the scene stuff for Smallville's 150th episode "Apocalypse".


I finally have a much better title for my Forever Knight pre-series fic featuring a young Natalie and Richard Lambert.


I've managed to vid the opening 25 seconds for my Schanke Forever Knight fanvid.


The deadline to post my fandom pimp over at [community profile] smallfandomfest is fast approaching. I signed up back in February to pimp Forever Knight and I want to do the fandom justice.


I'm still having trouble posting to the FK Fan Fic Yahoo Group.

I've been working on "Flight of the Imagination" again. I sent it out for beta back in mid February but boy did I get a shock to the system. Both betas were rather confused by it. I couldn't quite understand why until suddenly it hit me between the eyes.

I got an article printed in the local paper. It was really more PR than journalism. What wasn't in the article  would make a good follow up story. My name wasn't attached to it even though my boss wanted for people to know that I wrote it.
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Overly deceptive icon because right now I'm not feeling that enthusiastic. I'm experiencing the motherload of PMS and am without the medicinal means to remedy it. 

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So I was on call to serve in a federal jury for the last two weeks. The first time I went (dad drove me) I lucked out and got sent home but I had to keep calling to check in the second week. On the last day to call in I thought I was home free but lo and behold I got called in again but rather than the 9AM call time I had before this time they wanted us there by 7:30AM. As it is in most cities parking downtown is predominantly parallel parking which I haven't done since my driving test years ago so I was going to have to park at the one available parking garage open to the general public. Also, I'd never driven downtown so armed with my dad's directions and a map from mapquest I made it there ok. Although I did get turned around a bit and a street I was expecting to pass disappeared. Go figure. Well long story short they were selecting for two similar cases and I was the very first person selected that day to serve for a two day trial. Thankfully it was a 9AM start time so I didn't have to leave home at 5:30AM like I did for the 7:30AM call time. I left home at 6:30AM and allowed plenty of time to deal with the construction outside of town, all the heavy truck traffic from the gas rigs, and early morning school and work traffic once I made it into the city.

That was the first time I'd ever served on a jury and while I certainly believe that it is our civic responsibility to serve when call upon to participate in the justice system it did leave a troubling feeling. The decision we made would have a profound affect on the life of the defendent. Either all charges would be cleared or there would be time behind bars. I really couldn't get over the similarities between the prosecution's case and another recent case that hit closer to home. The difference being that the latter had a very wonderful feeling of elation and relief and the former, when we decided on a verdict, didn't. It was an interesting experience but I certainly hope it's a while before I'm called to serve again.

On a slightly different note, there were time in that courtroom when we were completely bored out of our minds. The amount of time spent on the dimensions of a window in county lock up had even the judge annoyed. I'm a little embarassed to admit that during the brief pauses I found myself thinking about the Forever Knight episode "False Witness" when Nick claimed to have seen the murder of their informant by a slippery pornographer. Granted the Canadian and American judicial systems do have their differences, as is often the case a lot of Americanisms creeped into the show.

I kept flashing on Natalie's "Do you smell pina coladas?" query when Nick walks by her into the parking garage elevator. Oh Natalie if you only knew. That's not Nick's regular aftershave, lol.

So here's a Forever Knight picspam from the trial portion of "False Witness". 

Toronto during the day

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