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 It's oh so appropriate that my first post ever should be about my growing by the minute dvd collection. is having another one of their sales and this time I couldn't resist the temptation. I blame it on my need to complete my Forever Knight Trilogy. Season 3 will soon be mine! There's only 3 in stock so yay to all the FK fans out there who are still supporting the Knight. Quantum Leap season 5--the final season--will also be in my clutches. Other than season 1 it's the only region 1 set from that series that has the original music intact so that decision wasn't a hard one to make. Ray Charles' "George on my Mind" is playing in the final scene as it should be and it hasn't been replaced. As for the other seasons, I'm going the region 2 route. Of course that will require a region free player which I don't have so that won't be anytime soon. Batman: The Animated Series season 2 has also been purchased. It's hard to believe that show is like 15 years old. The episodes hold up so well. That is the definitive Batman as far as I'm concerned.

Movies wise I finally got Frankenstein. It's got far better entertainment value than Dracula. There's something comical and profoundly sad about the scene between Frankenstein and the little girl by the water. I also got three Midnite Movie combos for a grand total of six movies there. One of them is the Karen Black remake of 'Invaders From Mars'. That movie seriously have me nightmares as a kid and I'm looking forward to seeing it again. I'm a little bummed that there weren't any decent vampire movies from the 1970s and no those Count Lorga movies don't count.

I also ordered She-Ra Princess of Power season 2 on deepdiscount by it's on back order so it's going to be a while before I get that one.

Saw a pretty good promo for CBS' Moonlight show. It made the show look pretty good to the point that I want the show to last more than one season. Why do I feel like I'm cheating on Forever Knight by feeling that way?
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