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In case anyone doesn't already know:

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(I mean, I didn't. There might be someone else who doesn't?)
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Title: Firefly - Zoe - it is always heavier than you thought
Fandom: Firefly
Music: Lana Del Rey - Of Gods and Monsters
Characters/Pairing: Zoe Washburne,  Zoe/Wash, Zoe & Mal
Summary:  she is torn up plently but she will still fly true
Warnings: canon typical violence, character death

Vimeo / Youtube / DW

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We were reviewing the kidlet's U.S. history project on Colonial Virginia, which involved Jamestown, and I took it kind of farther than his teacher did. (I do that a lot. History is broadly expansive.) Also I got to explain that Captain John Smith was an asshole, and I got to whine later to Mr. Havoc that I really don't like Pocahontas (the Disney film), not because I don't like Pocahontas (she was awesome), but because John Smith was an asshole, not a romantic lead.

You have no idea how much my dad told me about John Smith and Jamestown when I was a kid. You really have no idea.

So I also learned that the kidlet didn't know why the Church of England formed, and this all culminated in my explaining to him that Henry VIII wanted to get remarried, the Pope told him no, and the Henry said, essentially, "Screw you, I'm the King of England! I'll start my own church!"

It was a glorious moment. I love being a parent.

Pinch Hit #3

Sep. 17th, 2017 04:49 pm
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Edit: This pinch hit has been claimed!

Hi all,

We have a third pinch hit! Pinch Hit #2 is also still open.

What you need to know before claiming this pinch hit:

- Pinch hits are assigned on a first come, first served basis, and anyone is welcome to claim one. You do not have to have signed up for the exchange to claim a pinch hit; just comment on this post (comments are screened) to say you'll do it, and provide your email address and AO3 username so we can assign it to you. When the pinch hit has been claimed, the post will be edited.

- Pinch hits must meet the requirements of a standard assignment vid (mainly, being at least a minute long and being made to one of the recipient's requests).

- This pinch hit will be due on Wednesday, September 27th.

Pinch Hit #3 Details: )
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This wacky train of thought popped up in a conversation about how much money a billion-with-a-b dollars really is.

If you had a huge pile of money that you were to bestow as endowments on academia in honor of FK's characters, how would you distribute it per character?

  • Those I knew immediately, off the top of my head:
    1. anthropology for Nick
    2. biology for Natalie
    3. communications for Lacroix
    4. hospitality management for Janette
    5. botany for Feliks
  • Those I pondered a little:
    1. economics for Schanke
    2. criminology for Tracy
    3. psychology for Urs
    4. history for Vachon
    5. mathematics for Fleur
    6. medicine for Alma
  • Those I pondered more:
    1. sociology for Stonetree
    2. military science for Cohen
    3. philosophy for Reese
    4. nutrition for Screed
    5. business administration for Norma
    6. community studies for Grace
    7. literature for Emily
    8. graphic arts for Marian
    9. women's studies for Sofia & Amalia (different reasons!)
    10. education for Alexandra
    11. theology for Angel
    12. peace and conflict studies for the Inca

Who else? Which other disciplines? ;-D

Deadline Tomorrow

Sep. 16th, 2017 01:07 pm
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Hi all!

Two things:

In case you missed it, Pinch Hit #2 was posted last night. Please comment on that post or e-mail us at equinoxvids@gmail.com if you're interested in claiming it.

Secondly, the deadline is technically tomorrow at 11:59PM UTC, however, we will not be checking in vids until Monday morning ET. If you need to use Sunday night as a grace period, please feel free to use that time.


Equinox Pinch Hit #2

Sep. 16th, 2017 02:24 am
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Edit: This pinch hit has been claimed!

What you need to know before claiming this pinch hit:

- Pinch hits are assigned on a first come, first served basis, and anyone is welcome to claim one. You do not have to have signed up for the exchange to claim a pinch hit; just comment on this post (comments are screened) to say you'll do it, and provide your email address and AO3 username so we can assign it to you. When the pinch hit has been claimed, the post will be edited.

- Pinch hits must meet the requirements of a standard assignment vid (mainly, being at least a minute long and being made to one of the recipient's requests).

- This pinch hit will be due on Monday, September 25th.

Pinch Hit #2 Details: )

Reminder: Deadline is this weekend!

Sep. 14th, 2017 08:27 pm
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Hi all!

Just a reminder that the deadline for assignments is this Sunday, September 17th at 11:59PM UTC (click to see what time that is where you are). Please keep in mind that you must have a full vid uploaded and posted to the AO3 collection at this point. Partially complete vids will be considered a default.

If you will not be able to finish your assignment vid, please e-mail equinoxvids@gmail.com as soon as possible.

If you are working on treats, don't worry -- you still have plenty of time! The cut-off time for treat submissions is Friday, September 29th at 12PM UTC.


New Forever Knight Movie - Live Q&A

Sep. 14th, 2017 11:26 pm
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Ughhh, it is way too late in the evening for me here, but I will get this posted!

So on 9 Sept, some of the actors/directors participated in a live Q&A where, for over a hour, they took questions and otherwise discussed some particulars of the new movie (they also wanted to save some things for release during the 2 hour movie, so not every question was answered).  The actors playing Nick, Nat, Vachon, LaCroix, a ghoul, and a werewolf were in attendance.

The question that comes up a lot in many different discussion groups is whether the movie will be like the show.  Again, Sean reiterated that the movie will be very different, and it has to be because of how the rights were obtained (two different entities own rights to the show).  Sean did try to acquire the rights to make a movie entirely based on the show, however that was not possible.  They were able to acquire a certain percentage, but they had to make everything else different.  This may be one of the reasons they were not able to use Janette, as the percentage of similarity to the show might have gotten too high, so they might have had to be selective in the characters they acquired.  I image that, even though they only got a little of the rights, since they are fans of the show they would want to use as much as they could, so continued with this endeavor instead of making everything completely original.  But even with this being an alternative universe piece, it does seem some things are universal: LaCroix will always find Nick and bring him across; Nick and Natalie will always come together; Nick will always change from reveling in his vampiric state to not; LaCroix will always have a broadcast show.  There is also some hope that this movie might encourage people to go check out the original TV show, and thus, increase the fandom.

It was pointed out that all the characters will like certain eras, so will dress or decorate their space within that era.  So Vachon will like the 1980’s, while Nick is partial to the 1940’s (and Sean was inspired by Constantine (from the movie) so that explains how Nick is dressed).

They explained more about their Natalie character.  She is still a medical examiner/coroner (not sure which since they said both: these are actually two different jobs and is not required that a coroner be able to perform an autopsy, but I think they meant for Natalie to be the medical examiner/pathologist).  There is also an expansion of her family and in the movie we will meet her father, who is a Professor and scientist.

The vampire eyes will change color in the movie, depending on what the character is doing and what blood magic they are wielding.  Instead of colored contact lenses and special lighting, Sean intends to use a program during editing that will track the eyes of the characters and digitally add in the color. 

Nick is much older in the movie than in the show (he was brought across in 70 BC).  When asked how old LaCroix is, since he is older than Nick, Sean did not answer, wanting to keep that a secret.  Based on that, I have a vague idea of who LaCroix might be, but I won’t say here (you can PM me if you would like to know my idea).

There are many characters in the movie that haven’t really yet made it into any promo shots or filmed scenes that were discussed.  There are three tribunals: one for vampires, lycans, and ghouls. To balance the strong human female character (Natalie), they have a strong vampire female character of Lily.  Unlike Janette, Lily opposes Nick in their movie.  Their Schanke character hasn’t been filmed yet (that is the next scene Sean wants to do), but he will still be a homicide Detective, but works privately with Nick on cases that involves supernaturals (so he knows about the supernatural world).  Their Schanke also knows Nick is a vampire, so there will not be that tension as was in the show. 

For more info and to catch their next live Q&A, check out the FK Facebook Page.

Everyone from live Q&A

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Other than major news incidents, which are mostly weather-related these days. Okay, not really, but I'm not getting into politics right now. I'm not in the right headspace to handle that.

Please tell me how you're doing! What's going on in your life?

Things in my life after the kidlet's bar mitzvah have mostly been terrible and I'm not ready to talk about them yet, which is why I haven't been updating any of them yet. Distract me from that, please.

I'm so far behind on my tv-watching that I'm just now getting to the Supergirl finale. One spoilery quibble with the first half of the finale that relates to U.S. Constitutional law. )

I'm very much enjoying everything about Supergirl otherwise, at least. I haven't even touched on my summer tv watching yet. It's been that kind of summer.

Dear Trick or Treat Writer

Sep. 13th, 2017 03:21 am
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First, let me thank you for writing me a story in one of the fandoms we share. I'm excited about all of them. (They're listed in alphabetical order, so as not to play favourites.) I should also say up front that I'm easy on getting either a trick or a treat.


  • I love worldbuilding and character pieces—stories that explore more deeply—through backstory, or by elaborating the setting/history/culture or exploring people's motivations and personal interactions.

  • I prefer gen; but I'm not asking you to ignore canon relationships. However, I don't care for anything more than PG-13: explicit sexual detail is definitely a DNW for me. (When I encounter it in stories, I skim over it.) When pairings are essential to the story, I feel that curtainfic > romance > smut. BUT character and plot are the best!

  • I love casefic; and, more generally, I like stories that are canon-compliant. The general exception to this is ignoring canonical character death if you want. (There may be other specific exceptions.)

  • I'm okay with violence if necessary to the story; but not gore for the sake of gore. On the whole, I prefer not to have characters die in the story; but references to canonical deaths are okay. (I'm fine with having original characters murdered in casefic, and that sort of thing.)

  • I enjoy comedy—being able to recognize the ridiculous when it pops up; also wit and wordplay. Having said that, I totally leave it up to you whether you write a serious or comic story—or a serious story with comic interludes.

  • Having recently read some fic written in the second person, I find don't care for it. First person is okay, especially for book canons that were written that way by the author.


Blockbuster Pet Shop Commercials (Carl | Rabbit, Ray | Guinea Pig)

Halloween at the pet shop. Feel free to use the mice, or other animals at the shop. Don't feel that you have to mention Blockbuster itself: as far as I'm concerned the actual ads aren't the point. I just think the characters are hilarious.
These commercials go back a ways, video rentals being a thing of the past nowadays. Inevitably, at the time, they were shown to death; but then a new one would come out, to be enjoyed ... for the first few times. They hold up well, all things considered.

The main characters are the rabbit and guinea pig (often misstated to be a hamster), who share a cage in the pet-shop window, which looks out on a video-rental store across the street. The specials advertised in the window may have been the point of the ad from Blockbuster's perspective; but they are of far less interest to me. I just enjoyed the edgy friendship between the two pets, and (if you want) the other animals in the shop.

This is literally a five-minute fandom; and I doubt anyone would want to come up with a Yule-length fic for it. On the other hand, it strikes me as being well suited to the bite-size of ToT.

You can find most of the commercials on Youtube.

The Charioteer - Mary Renault (any nominated characters)
I'd like a seasonal story—but not necessarily Halloween (given that the book is set in the south of England). Could be autumn; could be a spooky element, could be World War 2 references.
Halloween wasn't commonly celebrated in the south of England at the time this book is set. However, if you want to include Halloween, I'm sure you can contrive something plausible. Alternatively, you could write about Guy Fawkes Night (or the lack thereof, in war time). If you prefer not to write holiday fic, an autumn setting would be fine, especially if you work in appropriate wartime references.

Either tricks or treats could have a spooky element, such as ghosts, premonitions, bad dreams, or superstition; or, if you prefer something more realistic, there's the horror of an air raid.

DC New Earth (Crispus Allen, Daria "Dee" Hernandez, Josie MacDonald, Maggie Sawyer, Renee Montoya, Romy Chandler)
Halloween in Gotham. The GCPD copes. Casefic, team feels at the precinct, or focus on just one of the characters. If you want to use their personal lives, fine; but please bring in some of the GCPD side of things. Curtainfic > romance > smut BUT character and plot are the best! DNW the characters outside the Gotham Central timeline.
The point of view in Gotham Central was an intriguing novelty at the time it was published. Even occasional stories focusing on non-costumed supporting cast were rare; a whole series devoted to them was unheard of. Yet, in Gotham Central, the focus was always on ordinary folks' perspective on life in Gotham. For the most part, costumed characters didn't appear: at most, they might be mentioned or make cameos. Nevertheless, this is Gotham, with all that implies for crazy danger.

The fact that the protagonists are detectives at Gotham Central means that they have to deal with the fallout from supervillainy as well as regular cop-type cases. And Halloween!—not just the perfect time for villains in fancy dress; but the time for little kids out trick-or-treating, and people having themed parties. Any of which might need the intervention of the GCPD.

The Flash (TV 2014) (Barry Allen, Leonard Snart, Lisa Snart, Mick Rory, Hartley Rathaway)
I'd like a story about the Rogues at Halloween. Whichever Rogues you want. Could be a heist, get-together at Saints and Sinners, personal time, etc. If you want to include Barry, I like ColdFlash (esp. the snarky tease), but would prefer the emphasis to be on character interaction. Humour would be great.
I've read The Flash since Carmine Infantino days, which was a decade or two ago, to say the least. So, yes, there are obvious differences between the comics then and now; and The Flash TV series is its own thing. Still, each iteration can be enjoyed for itself; and I loved Season One enormously. Since then ... well, there's been a measure of drift, to put it mildly. Perhaps my biggest regret has been the diminished significance of Flash's Rogues Gallery. They've always been a distinctive crew; and I'd love to see any or all of them, with or without Flash himself.

I think the sign-up basically says it. However, if you don't want to work Halloween into the story, that's okay.

Forever Knight (any nominated characters)
With vampires in the cast, this show is made for Halloween stories. However, you have centuries of history to play with, depending on the character(s) you write about, as well as Nick's current role as a detective on the Toronto force. If you want to play with treats rather than tricks, then there's Halloween in the squad room or at the Raven; or maybe something about Schanke and his young daughter.
If you've never heard of Forever Knight, it's a '90s TV series whose hero is a homicide detective on the Toronto police force who was turned into a vampire in 1228.

I love the cop aspect of the series, both the interplay back at the station, and also the detective story plots. I like both Tracy and Schanke as Nick's partner, as well as Natalie's role as pathologist. You might, on the other hand, prefer to write something with an historical focus. This could be about Nick's centuries' long history, on his own or with LaCroix and Janette. Alternatively, you could write about the vampires introduced in Season Three, Vachon and his crew, about whose past we know very little. Then again, of course, there's the vampire scene in Toronto. Basically, I'm pretty easy on what you write, though my preference is for gen. Any other characters you want to include would be fine. Do feel free to ignore "Last Knight" if you want.

Availability: Most of the series is available on DVD, and some episodes are on YouTube. There's a Forever Knight wiki, if you just want to check details.

Puck of Pook's Hill - Rudyard Kipling (Puck)
I'd like a seasonal story. Perhaps local harvest customs; or an autumn event in history that Puck brings someone to tell the children about. Or Guy Fawkes' Day: by the time Kipling wrote Puck of Pook's Hill, the south of England had pretty well abandoned Halloween for Guy Fawkes' Day. What's Puck's reaction to changing customs? Feel free to use other characters from the book(s).
What it says on the tin.

Seriously, I am interested in this request; I just can't think of much more to say. Autumn rituals past and present, basically; but how you tackle it is up to you.

Available from Project Gutenberg.

Sime~Gen - Jacqueline Lichtenberg & Jean Lorrah (no characters were nominated)
Given the usual relationship between Simes and Gens (not to mention the tentacles that Simes have), there is an obvious horror element here that you might play with.

No characters were nominated: I'd like worldbuilding here, whether you write a trick or a treat. Any period in Sime~Gen history would be fine, from just after the time of the Ancients through to the Tecton; but I'd prefer that you not go into the space era.
In the Sime~Gen Universe (created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and added to by Jean Lorrah), a mutation—natural or artificially induced—has created a split in humanity that is as fundamental as gender. Superficially, Gens look like modern-day humans; but they produce a life energy called "selyn". Simes must take selyn from Gens in order to survive; this is done through tentacles that they have on their forearms. For centuries, this is fatal to the Gen from whom the selyn is stripped. However, a new mutation among Simes produces "channels" who can take selyn safely from Gens, store it, and then pass it to regular-stype Simes. Eventually, there is a major cultural shift; but it takes literally centuries.

Despite events in many stories, the authors have a basically romantic (if not absurdly optimistic) view of all this. I tend to see the series through less rosy spectacles.

Yuletide nominations

Sep. 11th, 2017 05:50 am
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It's that time of year again! Yuletide nominations are now open, and will close on September 16th at 9 a.m. UTC (which basically, for most of us, means Thursday night).

I've added Forever Knight, with Nick, Natalie, LaCroix, and Vachon. I figure that to be a selection that gives people scope for requesting vampire, cop, or historical fic, as well as stories focusing on the new third-season characters.

On the other hand, it's a pretty short list! Is anyone else planning to nominate Forever Knight?

I hope so. With so many characters to pick from, but only four permitted per nominator, it would be good to have at least one other person (even two!) adding more characters. If so, we should coordinate our efforts so that we don't waste any slots through duplication.

Information about nominating can be found here on [community profile] yuletide_admin. You're allowed to suggest a maximum of three fandoms, with up to four characters for each of them.

After the tag set is checked over by the moderators, sign-ups will open on October 1st.

Trick or Treat Exchange

Sep. 11th, 2017 05:25 am
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Sign-ups for this year's Trick or Treat Exchange are about to open.

Trick or Treat is a Halloween event (though stories do not have to be about the holiday). You can offer/request either a story or art, with the minimum word count being 300 words. A tasty little treat, in other words. Of course, you're free to write something longer if you want. A lot of people also write additional gifts, whether for their assigned recipient or other participants.

Forever Knight has been nominated, with the following characters: Nick Knight, Lucien LaCroix, Natalie Lambert, Janette DuCharme, Don Schanke, Tracy Vetter, Javier Vachon, and Screed.

If you want to see what other fandoms have been nominated, take a look at the tagset. You have to request at least three different fandoms and offer at least four. Requests will be visible; so, if you want to write additional stories, you'll be able to see what people are asking for.

New Vid: Fast & Furious "So Sweet"

Sep. 8th, 2017 05:17 pm
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Title: So Sweet
Fandom: Fast & Furious
Music: So Sweet by Kyla La Grange
Characters/Pairing: Dom/Brian
Summary: put your hands on me or don't tell me it's not about freedom
Warnings: none

download + streaming here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3

Equinox Pinch Hit #1

Sep. 7th, 2017 09:24 pm
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Edit: This pinch hit has been claimed!

What you need to know before claiming this pinch hit: 

- Pinch hits are assigned on a first come, first served basis, and anyone is welcome to claim one. You do not have to have signed up for the exchange to claim a pinch hit; just comment on this post (comments are screened) to say you'll do it, and provide your email address and AO3 username so we can assign it to you. When the pinch hit has been claimed, the post will be edited. 

- Pinch hits must meet the requirements of a standard assignment vid (mainly, being at least a minute long and being made to one of the recipient's requests).

- This pinch hit will be due on Sunday, September 24th

Pinch Hit #1 Details: )
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Been a little busy lately, but there have been a few new tidbits of info for those following the new Forever Knight Movie.

First: There is to be a live Q&A with the cast on Sat 9 Sept from 1 -2 pm EDT.

Second: There is a new Forever Knight logo for the movie and they have gotten some promo shirts made to see how the logo looks.  If everyone likes them then these shirts would be made available for sale, the proceeds going to the budget for the film.

Forever Knight Logo

Third: There was a live Q&A about two weeks ago, where questions were answered and the topic centered around vampires and Sean explained more about some of the vampire myths they were going to use for the movie, along with some new aspects they are creating. 

Their vampires will be strong, move quickly, not have an aversion to crosses, be able to hypnotize/mesmerize people, along with weaknesses to sunlight and fire (which will kill them) and staking (thought that will only slow the vampire down, not kill them).  The vampires also have a soul, which had gone to Hell, and pulled its way out of Hell to return, reanimating the body.  However, this process, from the soul's perspective, took eons to return and all the human characteristics and values they had were burned away, but they are not necessarily evil/possessed creatures, just not human.  The morphed soul stays attached to the body using a form of magic/energy that needs blood to replenish the energy; should the vampire get too weak by not having enough blood, the soul will separate from the body and return to Hell.  So for the Nick character, he is currently trying to redeem himself so if he dies, his soul will not automatically return to Hell (this, along with the time in Hell being perceived as much longer than time on this plane of existence, reminds me a lot of Constantine - the movie, I haven't read the comics). 

Their universe also has lots of magic, and the vampire can use their own energy to manipulate and create some magical effects (like seals, wards, and to summon weapons).  Each vampire could also have additional abilities based on their age and strength like flying, turning into wolves, able to shield their presence from other vampires, etc.  There are also many other supernatural creatures in their universe like ghouls and other undead creatures, many of which Nick will be killing.  As a personal aside, I hope the creatures Nick is killing have done something really evil, otherwise Nick is sending some innocent creature back to Hell so he doesn't have to experience the same fate.

Their Nick wants redemption for his soul and is actively killing other supernaturals rather than spending the time trying to regain his mortality and return his soul back to a human form.  So again ... still not quite sure what their Natalie will be doing with him.

Fourth: From an earlier live Q&A we found out if the movie will follow the format of the TV show, with its use of flashbacks.  Sean said maybe a little, but probably not.  Mostly from a budget standpoint, it would be more expensive to do a flashback, though he would like to.  Sean would like to do the flashback of Nick's conversion.  He did let slip that Nick was crucified, so it would be interesting to see what Nick had done as a mortal, since that particular form of capital punishment was reserved for those acting against the empire.

That's it for now. 

For more info and to watch the live stream check out the FK Movie Facebook Page.

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